Medical carts are lightweight mobile carts used in medical facilities for a variety of purposes including storage and transportation of supplies, medicines, equipment and more. They are generally made of materials that are suitable for the healthcare scenario, such as wood laminate, healthcare-grade PVC, stainless steel, powder-coated steel, etc, and usually includes accessories like outlet power strips and storage bins for convenience. Depending on the construction material, design, shape and weight, medical carts can be classified into crash carts, respiratory carts, utility carts, housekeeping carts and isolation carts, all designed and built for specific tasks and purposes.

The history of medical carts started with the increasing demand for flexibility and convenience in administration of medicine, quickly becoming indispensable in the modern healthcare setting. It has a central role to play in keeping staff in healthcare settings prepared and organized, thereby keeping the patients safe and cared for. A well designed medical cart has the potential to improve quality of service of a hospital/ healthcare institution, and are only set get more important in the future.

Optimizing Patient Care with Technology

The influence of advancing technology is being felt acutely in the medical cart market, as the healthcare industry is increasing emphasis on efficiency and reduction of medical errors, which is driving the developments and innovations in the market. Along with increased mobility, medical carts are also being used to optimize patient care by providing access patient records, reducing delays in patient treatment, and even allowing for identification of medications and administering correct dosages of it in critical situations. Newer innovative medical carts are now being used to give healthcare providers real-time access to patient data as well for improved patient safety.

Some of the best examples of the integration of technology include: medical carts being equipped with touch panel PCs, which offer scalable computing power, and technology such as radio frequency identification (RFID) is also being used to reduced and even eliminate human errors. Cloud-based smart medical automation is also being used for inventory management as well, reducing the amount of time wasted for redundant and mechanical tasks.

Design Trends in Medical Carts

As is with every major manufacturing industry, there is a growing trend of customization in the medical carts industry as well. The changing consumer preferences have had a massive impact on the design of the medical cart, with manufacturers looking to increasingly meet the diverse requirements of end users in the healthcare sector. One of the most prominent design trend prevalent in the industry is the use of standard medical carts with customizable options. This has allowed manufacturers to give the customer a base reference to build on, based on requirements, at the same time, being an economical way to leverage the customization trend.

Another important design trend in the manufacture of medical carts is the integration of the equipment/device into the cart itself. Medical devices are being combines with the cart itself, elevating the cart from being just an accessory to being as important as the device itself.

Current and Potential Role of Medical Carts Market

With a variety of carts being used in the medical sector, each for a specific role and purpose, the dependence on them is undeniable. They have become an effective, flexible method of medicine delivery that save time and improve the working conditions of staff and quality of service for patients.

The potential of medical carts in further improving patient care is increasingly being recognized by the medical industry as healthcare workplace settings become modernized. The influx of technology and the growing trend of customization of medical carts is set to be an area of significant growth within the medical cart sector, with manufacturers looking to capitalize on these trends to meet the needs of the healthcare settings.

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