Over the last few years, essential oils have garnered a special place in the minds of modern day consumers. Further, as the millennial population continues to embrace healthier lifestyle and dietary habits, the growing adoption of essential oils is here to stay. Further, patchouli oil, derived from patchouli plant has gradually gained steady recognition in recent years owing to the health benefits and aromatherapy attributes exhibited by the patchouli plant. Although, essential oils including, lavender, peppermint, eucalyptus, lemon and rosemary among others are leading the race in terms of popularity, patchouli oil is gradually capturing the interest of present day consumers. In addition, as consumer awareness pertaining to the benefits and applications of patchouli oil continues to scale, the demand for patchouli oil is experiencing a steady growth. Patchouli oil is highly popular in the tropical nations of Asia including, China, Indonesia, Myanmar, Malaysia, etc. where patchouli is cultivated extensively. At present, patchouli oil or extract is used for in a range of products and applications including, perfumes, incense, toys, culinary, insect repellent, and aromatherapy.

Growing Popularity of Aromatherapy Boosts Demand for Patchouli Oil

In the current scenario, several individuals are exploring the potential of alternative health treatments and ailments to enhance their overall health. Thus, in recent years, aromatherapy with essential oils has picked up pace among the masses – a growing trend expected to continue in the foreseeable future. Thus, as the adoption of aromatherapy to improve psychological and physical well-being is increasing at a consistent rate, the demand for patchouli oil is also expected to grow. Moreover, to optimize the entire experience of aromatherapy, it is critical to use oils that are completely pure and natural. At present, several aromatherapy practitioners are formulating their own essential oils at home due to the heightening costs of aromatherapy in massage parlors and spas. Moreover, several individuals are creating their own essential oil recipes and selling them to consumers. In addition, as essential oils are extracted from natural ingredients, they are free from toxic chemicals and are extremely safe to use. Patchouli oil sales have witnessed a steady growth in recent years owing to an increase in the popularity levels of aromatherapy among the masses. In addition, patchouli oil has one of the most distinct fragrances in comparison to other essential oils – another factor driving the growth of the patchouli oil.

Patchouli Oil – A Uniquely Fragrant Essential Oil

Owing to its unique and significantly distinct fragrance, patchouli oil is widely used in several scented industrial products including, air fresheners, detergents, paper towels, and more. In addition, patchouli oil is gaining significant popularity from individuals involved in modern perfumery and inclined towards developing their own scents. In addition, patchouli oil is a vital component of incense in East Asian countries including, China, Vietnam, and more. However, the demand for patchouli incense grew at a rapid pace in North America and Europe as consumer awareness regarding patchouli oil increased.

. In recent years, several research activities are in place to explore the potential health benefits of patchouli oil. Recent inputs from patchouli oil users reveal that the product has helped individuals with a range of problems including, acne, dandruff, constipation, indigestion, athlete’s foot, and eczema among others. In addition, apart from providing significant health benefits, patchouli oil is tipped to consist uplifting properties that have assisted individuals deal with fatigue, anxiety, insomnia, etc. Thus, with additional research, growing consumer awareness, demand for natural products, and adoption of aromatherapy, the patchouli oil market is likely to witness a health growth in the upcoming years.

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