Car security systems have significantly helped in decreasing car thefts worldwide. Conversely, expanding examples of vehicle robberies in nations, for example, India and South Africa have demonstrated the significance of car security systems. Various automakers provide diverse car security systems, for example, glass break sensors, immobilizers, shock sensors, inclination sensors, central locking systems, stolen vehicle trackers, alarm systems, perimeter sensors and so forth. North America has the biggest aftermarket share and China is the greatest manufacturing base. With the expanding car security utilization in the APEJ region and increasing awareness amid car proprietors, the market is anticipated to surpass the North America market over the years to come.

Expanding new vehicle sales, alongside increasing awareness amid car owners and a strong aftermarket development are reinforcing the worldwide market for the car security system. Carmakers are expanding the boosting of the security systems deployment in new vehicles to be noticeable in competition. Besides, expanding the implementation of telematics all over the world is empowering simple car monitoring proficiencies along with comfort to vehicle proprietors with an upgrade in vehicle security. On the other hand, the significant expense of product and high establishment charges are constraining OEM and aftermarket prospects. Automakers give more choices in their premium car alternative which thusly is diminishing the acceptance by new vehicle proprietors. While the foundation of new vehicle manufacturing plants in nations, for example, China, India, Turkey, and Mexico are expanding car security system market prospects in these regions.

Increasing awareness among car owners because of expanding cases of vehicle burglaries is uniting the market for the car security system. Alongside expanding by and large vehicle manufacturing, there is an advancing need for car security systems. Expanding vehicle armada and constrained existence of a few car security products are reinforcing the replacement market. Also, government regulations and insurance policies are fueling automakers to introduce these car security systems as standard attributes in novel cars. As indicated by the Western Australia Department of Transport, immobilizer fitment is compulsory before transferring and licensing a vehicle in a region. However, the significant expense of these systems is restricting the worldwide market for a car security system, a few systems are extended as discretionary whereas a few are saved for luxury cars.Aftermarket is profoundly divided, new participants are focusing on the aftermarket section. Vehicle OEMs are moving towards developing economies, car security system makers are focusing on such markets where vehicle OEMs are setting up new manufacturing plants.

Based on product type, the worldwide market for a car security system is fragmented into a remote central locking system, immobilizer system, alarm system along with different systems that incorporate perimeter sensors, vehicle trackers, glass break sensors and ultrasonic sensors. Others category is anticipated to enlist the most elevated expansion in the market though remote central locking system would keep on commanding in OEM and aftermarket market. Immobilizers are for the most part sold in the OEM market inferable from their huge entrance in all the car types

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