Significance of wine serving temperature has played a vital role in launching of multiple wine cooling gadgets across the world. Moreover, continuous innovation in wine cooling gadgets is a key trend followed by manufactures over the last decades.  Instant cooling of wine is a need faced by customers around the globe whether is residential segment or commercial segment. The wine coolers market is witnessing a significant growth in terms of volume due to increasing number of clubs, bars, and pubs globally and increasing consumption of wine by residential areas. In present scenario, consumers are inclining towards high-price segments that provide better-quality of products such as wine coolers. Wine is a big business in California. It is the world’s fourth leading producer of wine after France, Italy and Spain. Thus, the wine cooler market in USA is expected to hold a significant share in the global market. Moreover, Italy is the largest and most diversified wine-producing country in the world owing to its favorable climate, the varieties of grape available in the country and its geographical characteristics, which makes it the ideal place for the production of high-quality wines. Thus, the charm of wine and the significance of its preservation have inspired various manufacturers to develop a wide range of wine coolers with advanced technological design masterpieces.

Overview of the Global Wine Cooler Market

According to the recent study published by FMI projects that the global wine cooler market will record a steady growth during the forecast period 2019-2029. The report includes critical market insights based on the crucial information about the latest activities by the leading suppliers, manufacturers, and distributors in the global wine cooler market. The market study published by FMI provides the most requisite data about the factors that can make a significant impact on the growth of the global wine cooler market. Leading players, stakeholders, and new entrants in the market can plan right business strategies and follow a correct decision-making process.

Segmentation of the Global Wine Cooler Market

This section of the market report provides a thorough information about drivers, opportunities, as well as restraints that are impacting the growth prospects of the global wine cooler market. The crucial information provided in this section can help market players in taking well-informed decisions and planning business strategies. The report contains a detailed analysis of the effects of macroeconomic factors associated with the leading manufacturers and distributors on the growth of the market.

In the last section of the report, readers and market players can find critical information about major market players and notable developments in the global wine cooler market. The concluding section discusses company overview, major collaborations, mergers, and company sizes, which provides readers with the most imperative insights.

Competitive Outlook of the Global Wine Cooler Market

Leading manufacturers in the market are focusing product innovation and celebrity endorsement. Moreover, new product launch and addition of features are helping companies to witness a significant growth in the global wines cooler market.

For instance, in 2016, Smeg UK Ltd. introduced two new wine coolers with integrated & under counter versions equipped with novel cooling technology. The undercounter installation type wine cooler has an impressive 38-bottle capacity with two separate compartments. These two wine coolers are easily controlled by touchscreen technology. The two interior compartments are controlled separately and can be set at different temperatures, which insures that different types of wines can be stored in the ideal environment.

On other hand, customer demand and purchasing pattern plays an important role. The key players are focusing on the millennials. At present, nearly all millennials are aged 21 years and above, thus, they are developing their drinking habits and overall attitudes. The amount of wine that they drink is above conventional standards. In addition, they want to explore a larger variety of grapes from different regions as well as the different methods that are used for the production of wine. According to an independent study by Florida House Experience, a drug and alcohol rehab center, millennials drink almost half of all wine available in the U.S. The study also stated that around half of all millennial women prefer wine more than any other alcoholic drink

With the help of imperative information about drivers, restraints, and trends in the global wine cooler market, the market study published by FMI provides helpful information to manufacturers and distributors.

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