Fertilizer additives are chemicals that are utilized to give answers for the issues emerge amid storage, handling, transportation, production and application of the fertilizers. Without the utilization of fertilizer additives, it might have unpredictable shape, extreme porosity, high dampness and absence of granule stability. Its utilization tackles these issues as well as improves the presentation of the fertilizers to a degree. The real elements of fertilizer additives are to abstain from caking, to diminish dust development amid handling and production, to abstain from fertilizer wetting, to separate the items, and to give the aesthetics to the fertilizer granules.

Fertilizer additives discover application in different fertilizers, for instance, Nitrogen fertilizers NPK, DAP, MAP, KCL, PK along with sulfate amid others. Nitrogen fertilizer accounts for an extending share of the need for fertilizer additives.

The supply and demand of fertilizer additives in various regions rely upon the macro-economic components that are influencing the market. Also, the moving of the need for conventional fertilizers to advanced and improved fertilizers could be credited to the increasing need for food and accessibility of less farming areas. The market has seen various mergers and expansions. Huge players in the market are attempting to push the items in the market by collaborations and agreements with different market players. The producers are likewise discovering the undiscovered market through joint ventures. Various developments have likewise been found in the market which depicts expanding the need for fertilizer additives. Quickly developing markets, for example, India and China, are the development centers for fertilizer additives.

On the other hand, its utilization makes fertilizers costly than manures with no fertilizer additives. Additionally, less awareness among the producers from emerging nations regarding advantages of the fertilizer additives might go about as constraining aspects for the market development. Likewise, the expansion in sponsorships given by governments of different nations on conventional fertilizers might go about as a constraint factor for the market development of the fertilizer additives.

The worldwide fertilizer additives market is divided by the existence of not many huge players and numerous small producers. Regardless of this, topmost makers in the market accounted to account for in excess of a fourth of the worldwide market share for fertilizer additives. Local markets for fertilizer additives have diverse situations as far as distribution and supply of fertilizer additives. Whereas a lot of fertilizer additives made are exported by APEJ. The majority of the fertilizer additives are manufactured in North America and are expended inside the area with the rest is traded toward South America.

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The regional markets have various neighborhood makers that are occupied with the sales of fertilizer additives. Such small producers are altogether recorded under the segment of Tier 3 in the worldwide market. The huge producers holding a huge share in the fertilizer additives market are recorded under the Tier 1 segment of the worldwide fertilizer additives market. The rest of the players are recorded under the Tier 2 class

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