Water supply systems construction and increment in the oil & gas investigation exercises have prompted an upsurge in need for different fiberglass (glass fiber) items, for example, FRP panels, bathtubs, and pipes & tanks in the approaching years in the MEA market. Fiberglass (Glass Fiber) is erosion resistant and could hold out higher temperatures and untoward conditions, because of which makers favor settling on fiberglass as a significant production part. Ascribed to these aspects, need for fiberglass keeps on staying higher in nations with higher humidity level, outrageous temperature environment, along with high soil salinity. Adhered to the erosion resistant and remarkable attributes, makers are concentrating on using the fiberglass (glass fiber) in for tanks & pipes, and in the water storage and supply applications. There are various types of product accessible in the worldwide market for fiberglass (glass fiber) such as mats, rovings, fabrics and strands.

With the developing requirement for creating developing roofs, windows, doors, and walls, the need for fiberglass is probably going to stay high in the construction sector. Glass fiber is additionally utilized as a composite in the construction sector. Producers are using glass fiber reinforced concrete (GFRC) that comprises sand, glass fibers and hydrated cement for assorted construction functions. Consolidation of the fiberglass allows makers to coordinate remarkable attributes, for example, higher compressive strength, anti-corrosiveness, lightweight and tensile strength. Also, producers lean toward using fiberglass relating to the low upkeep price and corrosion. Due to these elements, the development of the worldwide market is projected to stay positive in the approaching years.

With the existence of different fiberglass (glass fiber) end-users in MEA market, for example, ADVANCED Fiberglass Industry LLC, GFG (Global Fiber Glass), GFGF (Gulf Fiberglass Factory), as well as MFG (Middle East Fiber Glass), need for fiberglass (glass fiber) is projected to increment in the upcoming years.

In any case, using glass fiber for construction and manufacturing purposes has prompted different medical issues, for example, skin rashes, irritation in the stomach and discomfort in the lungs and throat. Since small glass fibers can arrive at the lower portions of internal organs, for example, skin, lungs, and stomach, the danger of creating unfavorable health impacts keep on persevering amid constructors and makers. Because of the unfavorable impacts of glass fiber, the development of the worldwide market for fiberglass (glass fiber) is probably going to confront headwinds over the years to come. Most of the market players associated with the fiberglass (glass fiber) market are concentrating on the expansion and acquisition of their manufacturing abilities to upgrade their operational proficiency and product portfolio. Additionally, joint venture and strategic collaborations would enhance the distribution & sales network of the fiberglass (glass fiber), which thusly is estimated to help the development of the worldwide market in the approaching years. Over the ongoing past, the industry players have concentrated on acquisitions in addition to expanding their manufacturing abilities to fulfill the developing need from different end-user enterprises

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