Obesity management is an advancing focus area that is seeing a rise in need, because of the expanding medical tourism in nations, for example, Malaysia, Singapore, India, and Thailand. Medical tourism is a developing part for some center pay nations as packages for nations, for example, Thailand and India expense low and comprise protection inclusion. The UK and the US have been the biggest source nations for medical tourism to India for weight loss & obesity management.

As indicated by a study, India was one of the most reasonable medical tourism destinations as the nation provides a wide assortment of economical medical procedures. Increasing medical tourism in such nations gives enormous chances to the market participants to initiate items and increase geographical existence in emerging markets which will additionally add to the worldwide market development.

Several huge pharmaceutical players are developing anti-obesity drugs. Organizations, for example, AstraZeneca, Boehringer Ingelheim, Sanofi, Novo Nordisk, and others are likely to initiate novel medications in the market in the approaching years.

The current market is fairly meager, containing just not many FDA affirmed drugs in the US and different markets. As of late, the FDA has endorsed four novel medications since 2012. Obesity is currently the most examined indication by several clinical trials. The obesity drugs pipeline comprises of 94 preliminaries over all phases of clinical improvement.

A variety of electrical stimulation systems are being employed for bariatric surgeries that aid in curbing hunger by electrically exalting the nerves which control our appetite signals. One such as of late FDA endorsed system is vBloc that is a vagus nerve trigger utilized to control hunger with the goal that a person feels full for sometimes. These appliances could similarly be employed to treat various illnesses along with weight loss and obesity management.

Obesity has become a significant concern worldwide as exercise and diet are deficient. Some of the time focused treatment must be joined with extra pharmacologic treatment medications, for example, Qsymia (topiramate and phentermine), Empatic (zonisamide and bupropion) and Contrave (bupropion and naltrexone). Administrative agencies worldwide have demonstrated noteworthy enthusiasm for combination medicines by ongoing endorsements of various combinations. These endorsements clear path for a combination method of obesity treatment, that is likely to change the worldwide market.

It has been demonstrated that bariatric medical procedure is progressively efficient based treatment and cost than different pharmaceutical intercessions. Conversely, this demonstrated viability is regularly connected with specific dangers that can’t be downplayed. A few of the significant dangers related are malnutrition, infections, low blood sugar, blood clots, and excessive bleeding.

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For example, contrave medication can cause genuine symptoms and the emission of suicidal thoughts in patients. In spite of the fact that the clients are quickly expanding, reseraches show that there are sure symptoms and unfavorable wellbeing impacts of these medications over the long haul. The reactions of medications and dangers related to medical procedures might impede the overall market development in the approaching years.

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