Key Trends Impacting Nurse Call Systems Market

With the ever rising number in hospitals, home healthcare facilities and nursing home, there is a mounting need for enhanced patient response time together with excluding nurse fatigue. Products could additionally be integrating the devices with diverse diagnostic solutions along with technologies. A nurse call system facilitates communication amid the patient and healthcare provider, facilitating healthcare providers to serve their paitents more efficiently and attentively.

Traditionally, health systems have deployed and selected nurse call systems with an increased focus on meeting enterprise and regulatory standards, way finding needs, and basic life safety. Nurse call systems utilized in residential care facilities depend on on patients to call upon assistance for emergency or routine needs.

Provides Instant Communication

There are several practical advantages of employing nurse call system for nursing home, hospital, retirement home, or long terms care facility. For instance, peace of mind, cost-effective, reduce healthcare worker fatigue, offering instant communication, scalable and fully-integrated communication and alarm system. These systems assist in boosting morale and satisfaction of patients as well as healthcare provider.

A nurse call system further gathers all the data that matters, categorizes prospects to enhance care and offers actionable insight to patients and caregivers, all reinforced by clinicians every step of the way. It moreover transmits instant alerts and notifications. Incorporating staff locating along with nurse call systems, radically reduces the time wasted and boosts efficiency by automating workflow procedure.

There are two types of protocols, SIP and WCTP. SIP-based nurse call directs a voice call that allows a straight line of voice communication amid the nurse and the patient. On the other hand, WCTP-based nurse call system is a well-established, mature protocol that was designed to upkeep paging alerts.

Potential for Improved Alarm Management

Companies offers several types of products such as communication software, pendants, terminals, and transmitters among others.

As technology has presented smartphones into the healthcare provider’s toolkit, health systems have gradually shifted from a call bell arrangement, as a substitute opting for a tool or program that sends nurse call alerts straight to the precise nurse. Technologies such as wireless nurse call systems (WNCS) provides new affordances for patients unable to consciously or actively engage with the system, letting detection of hazardous situations, timely treatment and prevention, in addition to improved nurse workflows. 

WNCSs provides new affordances, interactions and properties, to patients who are not able to consciously or actively interact with the systems. In contrast to fixed appliances in limited spaces as provided by traditional, wired systems, WNCSs further offer increased mobility for all users.

Furthermore, clinical alarm systems are regarded as one of the most significant health technology hazards, enforcing risk to patient safety. The growing number of appliances incorporated in the WNCSs can potentially add to the number of alarms continually intruding the nursing staff’s work, and compromise the caring rapport with patients. Converged mobile technology covers these challenges as well as enhances affordances to the nursing staff’s usage of the systems.

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With a dearth of hospital beds and the requirement to segregate COVID-19 infected patients, health care authorities have turned to holiday resorts and hotels to offer supplementary bed capacity. Utilizing these wireless nurse call systems several manufacturers such as Vitalcare have invented of highly resilient wireless protocols born for the IoT applications. It has utilized this wireless technology to offer a ‘pop-up’ emergency nurse call system. Furthermore with simpler and easier installation it not only can a function fully within few minutes of its deployment, it can be detached with almost no physical impact to the facility, amid this crisis.

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