Activated Carbon Filter Market In-Depth Analysis, Growth Strategies and Comprehensive Forecast to 2031

According to latest research, The Activated carbon filter market is projected to expand between 6.0% and 8.0% CAGR during the 2021-2031 assessment period.

The growth of the market can be attributed due to stringent governmental regulations on water purification and regulations implemented by environmental agencies on industrial discharge.

The growing demand for improved properties and quality is expected to provide growth opportunities for the Activated carbon filter market.

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What is Driving Demand for Activated Carbon Filter Market

Major factors driving the market are the growing demand from the Water treatment technology which is gaining prominence all over the world.

Companies are striving to adopt environment-friendly and efficient water disposal techniques. This has boosted the demand for activated carbon. In 2019, consumption of activated carbon in water treatment application reached more than 40% of the total volume manufactured in the world.

High economic growth and increase in population are expected to drive the industrial sector, thereby propelling the demand for activated carbon filters in industrial water pollution treatment and water purification applications.

In the food and beverages sector, these filters are employed in processes such as removal of contaminants or impurities such as color and odor from sweeteners, food liquids, syrups, beverages, glycerin, and amino and organic acids.

Growth in demand for processed foods and beverages is a major factor estimated to drive the market in the near future.

Steel Industry Remains a key Segment for the Consumption of Activated Carbon Filter Market.

Increasing demand from the Steel industries is one of the major factors driving the world’s activated carbon filters market. Stainless steel shell was the largest segment of the products markets globally in 2019 in terms of value. The stainless steel shell is anticipated to account for the biggest share of the overall market during the forecast period.

The growth of stainless steel shell is attributed to its durability and less-corrosive properties. Carbon steel shell activated carbon filters are less durable because of its corrosive nature.

The industrial water pollution treatment application is also expected to be the largest, and the drinking water purification application is expected to be the fastest-growing segment in the overall market.

The global market is mainly driven by the implementation of stringent regulations by regional governments and environmental agencies to control water pollution.

Also, they are used to treat industrial discharge to re-use it in the manufacturing process again.

Re-use of industrial discharge water and water pollution control are the two major making industrial water pollution treatment the largest application in the market.

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Asia Pacific Activated Carbon Filter Market Outlook

APAC is estimated to be the largest market for activated carbon filters in forecasted period. The market for this region is segmented into China, India, Japan, Malaysia, Indonesia, and the Rest of APAC.

According to the World Bank, APAC is the fastest-growing region in terms of both population and economy.

The region has witnessed significant growth in the past decade, accounting for over one-third of the world’s GDP.

High economic growth, coupled with the increasing population, is expected to drive the region’s industrial sector. This is expected to increase the demand for the product in water pollution treatment and water purification applications.

North America Demand Outlook for Activated Carbon Filter Market Outlook.

North America is also expected to witness significant market growth of this compound on account of rising production in food and steel industries over the forecast period.

However, Demand in this region is supposed to grow at a moderate pace due to the slowdown in production in end use industries. The capacity additions in the region of US and Canada are predicted to increase the market call over the outlook period.

Who are the Key Manufacturers and Suppliers of Activated Carbon Filter

Some of the leading manufacturers and suppliers include

  • Puragen Activated Carbons (US)
  • Cabot Corporation (US)
  • Westech Engineering (US)
  • Kuraray Co. Ltd. (Japan)
  • Lenntech B.V. (The Netherlands)
  • Donau Carbon Corporation (Germany)
  • General Carbon Corporation (US)
  • Sereco S.R.L. (Italy)
  • Carbtrol Corp (US)

Several key market participants are focusing on new & innovative product development to cater the growing demand from the end use sector.

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Key Segments

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  • Stainless Steel Shell
  • Carbon Steel Shell
  • Others

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  • Industrial Water Treatment
  • Drinking Water Treatment
  • Food And  Beverages
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Others

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