Electrical Enclosure Market Is Anticipated To Represent Incremental Opportunity Of US$ 3.9 Bn Between 2018-2028

The global Electrical Enclosure market is estimated to have been valued at US$ 6,161.0 Mn at the end of 2017 and is expected to reach US$ 10,370.0 Mn by the end of 2028 while expanding at a CAGR of 4.9% over the forecast period. The global Electrical Enclosure market is anticipated to represent incremental opportunity of US$ 3,940.2 Mn between 2018 and 2028. Some of the end-use applications considered in this report on electrical enclosures include industrial, commercial and residential sectors.

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Electricity consumption in SEAP has grown at a significant pace, driven by rising population, rapid urbanization, growth in industrial production and mining and progressive extension of access to modern electricity to large segments of the rural population. Developing countries in South East Asia & Pacific are looking to restructure their electricity industry, improve competitiveness and efficiency,  stimulate  new  generation  technologies and mobilize  more  private funds to  boost  electricity  supplies  and  improve reliability. All of these factors will require reliable power controlling facilities, which will ultimately drive the demand for electrical enclosures, thereby boosting the demand in the Global Electrical Enclosures market.

An electrical enclosure is a container/ box that encloses electrical connections for safekeeping as well as to ensure the safety of the general public. The whole point of an electrical enclosure box is to keep wires safe, free from dirt and dust and secured.An electrical enclosure is usually installed within the layers of a wall so that all wires are concealed and the overall build looks neat and tidy. Growth of end-use applications, such as electricity transmission and distribution, energy and power, transportation network, industrial and commercial and residential construction, are expected to create healthy growth opportunities for the Electrical Enclosure market.

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Strengthening Regional Transmission Network Will Push the Demand for Electrical Enclosures

Over the last decade, utility companies have been investing to strengthen their transmission network, especially in rural areas. The projects include designing, manufacturing, installing and commissioning of capacitor banks at substations to improve flexibility and reduce their reliance on a single power station. All these measures are being taken to optimise energy generation, enable substation automation, improve transmission and distribution as well as increase reliability and precision in industrial processes, infrastructure and buildings. However, the region lags behind in terms of safety installations in the region as compared to developed countries, which will both be an opportunity and a driving factor for the growth of the electrical enclosure market over the forecast period.

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