Hermetic Packaging Market Is Projected to Reflect a High Double-Digit CAGR through (2020-2030)

A new study from Future Market Insights reveals that hermetic packaging market participants seek to consolidate their position by providing high-quality, cost-effective solutions to end users. Market Research tracks global Airtight Packaging sales worldwide for the period 2020-2030.

Hermetic packaging has gained tremendous importance throughout the packaging industry. Over the years, hermetic packaging has been adopted by several important industries, particularly the electronics sector. It is a highly preferred approach by major electronics manufacturers due to its ability to provide enhanced protection from harsh environmental conditions.

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Hermetic seals protect these components from corrosion, moisture, grime/dust and other adverse environmental conditions. The scope of hermetic packaging is multiplied by many as the increasing penetration of Industry 4.0 makes electronic products accessible to more people and organizations, providing significant opportunities for market players.

Key players in this field include AMETEK Inc., Amkor Technology Inc., Egide SA, Kyocera Corporation, Legacy Technologies Inc., Materion Corporation, Micross Components, SCHOTT AG, Teledyne Microelectric Technologies and Texas Instruments Inc.

Some applications of hermetic sealing include thermostats, semiconductor electronics, MEMS, switches, and optics. These electronic components can be hermetically sealed to prevent damage from water vapor or other forms of moisture and other highly volatile elements. In addition, defense and military surveillance equipment also uses tight seals.

Transponder glass packaging continues to be in demand

Transponder glass packaging is gaining soaring popularity, especially for RFID-enabled transponders. These glass transponders are very effective in protecting  these RFID chips from oil or acids  , such as in automobile manufacturing . These chips are also used in livestock breeding to obtain information about meat quality.

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Main sector


  • Epoxy hermetic seal
  • Glass-to-metal (GTM) hermetic seals
  • Ceramic-to-metal (CTM) hermetic seals
  • glassware sealing
  • PTFE sealing ring
  • O-ring
  • PTFE sleeve


  • Multilayer Ceramic Package
  • metal can package
  • Pressed Ceramic Package


  • semiconductor electronics
  • thermostat
  • optical device
  • switch
  • Microelectromechanical Systems (MEMS)
  • electrical or electronic components
  • battery

Highlights from FMI’s Hermetic Packaging Report

  • Transponder glass hermetic packaging holds the largest share of the market
  • To accelerate demand for defense and military equipment, concerns over national security have increased, leading to the proliferation of airtight packaging for defense use.
  • Ceramic-to-metal sealing emerging as the fastest-expanding hermetic packaging solution

The FMI analyst infers, “Increasing penetration of smart technologies is expected to drive up the demand for smart devices, requiring suppliers to strengthen their research capabilities to bring robust hermetic packaging solutions to market.”

Table of contents

1. Execution summary

1.1. Global Market Outlook

1.2. Demand side trends

1.3. Supply Side Trends

1.4. Analysis and recommendations

2. Market Overview

2.1. Market Scope/Classification

2.2. Market Definition / Scope / Limits

3. Key market trends

3.1. Key trends affecting the market

3.2. Innovation/development trends

4. Key Success Factors

4.1. Product Adoption/Usage Analysis

4.2. Product USP / Features

4.3. Strategic Promotion Strategy

5. Global Industrial Nailer Market Demand Analysis 2015-2019 and Forecast, 2020-2030

5.1. Historical market size (‘000 units) analysis, 2015-2019

5.2. Current and Future Market Size (‘000 Units) Forecast, 2020-2030

5.3. YoY Growth Trend Analysis

6. Global Industrial Nailer Market – Price Analysis

6.1. Price analysis by region by chain type

6.2. pricing

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Hermetic seals have been a cornerstone of the global packaging industry for decades. Sealed packaging, electronic sensors, laser diodes, airbag propellant initiator and optoelectronic components , and  is particularly useful to strengthen the protection of sensitive materials such  .

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