Multi Nutritional Supplement Market Overview

The multi nutritional supplement market was worth US$ 310 Bn in 2020 and is expected to advance at a 5.9% CAGR from 2022 to 2032.

With the increasing growth of the health & wellness trend and consumers’ awareness about the necessity of adding diverse nutrients in diets, the demand for multi nutritional supplements increased significantly in the past few years.

Over-the-counter dietary supplements and multi-nutritional supplements are becoming a big business with a mounting number of sales of multi nutritional supplements among consumers to satisfy their daily dietary needs.

Demand for multi nutritional supplements is also expected to rise as consumers are becoming aware of the importance of antioxidants, vitamins, and other nutrients, and it is directly influencing the sales of multi nutritional supplements.

In addition, sales of multi nutritional supplements are also expected to rise due to global prevalence of lifestyle diseases such as obesity, cardiovascular diseases and consumers likely depend on external nutritional supply to meet their dietary needs.

Increasing dependency of consumers on multi-nutritional supplements for weight loss and obesity management will further bolster the demand for multi nutritional supplements in the coming years.

Consumers are preferring to consume multi-nutritional supplements to resort to two or more dietary supplements to get the essential nutrients. This is expected to spike the sales of multi nutritional supplements in the coming years.

Leading players in the multi nutritional supplement market are introducing products with healthy ingredients such as vitamin D, vitamin C, and natural antioxidants thereby surging the demand for multi nutritional supplements.

Sales of multi nutritional supplements can be peaked by boosting R&D in the discovery of innovative & healthy ingredients, and stakeholders are aiming to gain a competitive edge in expanding their multi nutritional supplement market share.

Consumers are willing to pay more for vitamin and other dietary supplements as their disposable income rises and economic conditions improve, in turn, augmenting the sales of multi nutritional supplements.

Furthermore, demand for multi nutritional supplements rises as consumers prefer to spend their money on multi nutritional supplements with a variety of nutritional properties than purchasing multiple supplements to treat nutritional deficiencies.

Athletes and sportsmen frequently request vitamin calcium with probiotics or a vitamin and mineral supplement. As a result, demand for multi nutritional supplements is on the rise as they become popular.

Aside from athletes and sportsmen, multi nutritional supplements form a niche segment driven by consumers suffering from malnutrition thereby rising the demand for multi nutritional supplements.

People’s lives in cities have become so hectic that they have little time or opportunity to incorporate a healthy and balanced diet into their daily routine. This is one of the primary propellers of the sales of multi nutritional supplements.

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How is the Competitive Landscape in the Multi Nutritional Supplement Market?

Key stakeholders in the multi nutritional supplement market include Amway, Nature’s Bounty, Inc., Rexall Sundown, Inc., Puritan’s Pride, Inc., Osteo Bi-Flex, among the many others.

The key players are adopting various strategies such as partnerships, product launches, mergers & acquisition in order to augment their multi nutritional supplement market share.

Some of the notable developments in the multi nutritional supplement market include:

  • Healthycell, a leading innovator of nutritional microgels announced the launch of the next generation of its multi-nutritional supplements, BIOACTIVE GEL™ supplements, which are manufactured using its patent-pending microgel technology to maximize the absorption of micronutrients in a pill-free delivery system.

The company also announced that its new product includes a broad spectrum of essential micronutrients such as vitamins and minerals in a pill-free, efficient, and great-tasting format.

  • Persona™ nutrition, a leading personalized vitamin program, announced that its personalized nutrition subscription system will now make available its 11 new multi-nutritional supplements along with its other 80 vitamin supplements.

The latest supplements were announced to include an innovative combination of products that can help consumers to cut down on the number of capsules they consume each day, as well as a specialized nutrition program for bariatric patients.

  • Pillsy, a start-up, and a smart pill bottle cap manufacturing company, announced that it is launching its subsidiary that can offer multi-nutritional supplement subscription services by pairing the adherence technology.

At this stage, the company is offering three different combinations of multi-nutritional supplements viz. an Omega 3 blend, a multivitamin blend, and a probiotic blend, while offering a technology-enabled service to assist consumers in managing their nutritional intake.

What are the Factors Influencing the Growth of the Multi Nutritional Supplement Market?

Ever-growing Demand for Nutrition Supplements among Elderly Consumers

The consumption of multi-nutritional supplements is expected to remain significantly high across the geriatric population.

Considering this, leading players in the multi nutritional supplement market are expected to focus on introducing older adults’ health supplements in the coming years, to improve their sales of multi nutritional supplements.

Studies Creating Ambiguity about the Health Benefits of Multi Nutritional Supplements

As a number of consumers rely on dietary & multi-nutritional supplements, recent studies suggest that these supplements may not be entirely effective in improving health which negatively impacts the sales of multi nutritional supplements.

A survey that included over 27,000 American adults aged 20 or older suggests that dietary supplements or multi-nutritional supplements fail to offer the same health benefits as natural as fruits and vegetable ingredients do.

Another study performed on over 30,000 American adults finds that multi-nutritional supplement is not only ineffective in improving the health of consumers but also carry the risk of posing harm to their health.

Such studies are creating ambiguity about the effectiveness of multi-nutritional supplements on consumer health and the potential hazards of consuming them. This may dwindle the demand for multi nutritional supplements.

Multi-nutritional Supplements witness High Demand in Sports Nutrition Industry

Demand for multi nutritional supplements likely rises as high consumption of multi nutritional supplements among consumers aged 60 or more will make them the primary target for stakeholders in the multi nutritional supplement market.

However, leading market players are also entering the sports food market and fitness nutrition industry, by introducing products with innovative ingredients for muscle building, to explore the profitable sales of multi nutritional supplements.

Health- and fitness-conscious consumers are showing proclivity towards relying on multi-nutritional supplements for improving strength, endurance, and athletic performance and the same surges the demand for multi nutritional supplements.

Demand for multi nutritional supplements is also expected to rise as multi nutritional supplements in the form of tablets, capsules, powders, bars, and liquids are gaining immense popularity in the sports nutrition industry.

Thereby, leading players are expected to introduce multi nutritional supplements for professional sportspersons and athletes to further boost their multi nutritional supplement market share in the coming years.

The Rise of Multi Nutritional Supplement Subscription Services Bring in New Trends

While the multi nutritional supplement market is witnessing incremental growth worldwide, consumers’ need to maintain adherence to their nutritional program is triggering the rise of new market trends.

A mounting number of leading players in the multi nutritional supplement market are introducing supplement subscription services integrated with advanced technologies to offer consumers convenience at maintaining their daily nutritional intake.

Introducing subscription services by key players that can offer more personalised recommendations about sustainable and high-quality multi-nutritional supplements is expected to expand multi nutritional supplement market share.


Which is the Leading Region in the Multi Nutritional Supplement Market?

Due to rising consumer health consciousness, Asia Pacific dominates the multi nutritional supplement market.

The region has access to low-cost raw materials, including plant-based ingredients. Furthermore, countries such as China, India, and the Philippines are becoming hubs for outsourcing manufacturing and R&D activities.

However, the multi nutritional supplement market in Latin America is expected to grow at a rapid pace during the forecast period owing to greater disposable income, increased health awareness, and a willingness to spend more on nutrition.

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