The Global Mesh Bags Market Size Is Expected To Surpass US$ 5.9 Billion In 2022 And Exhibit Growth At A CAGR Of 3.2%

The global mesh bags market size is expected to surpass US$ 5.9 Billion in 2022 and exhibit growth at a CAGR of 3.2% in the forecast period from 2022 to 2032. It is anticipated to reach US$ 9.3 Billion in 2032. The development of eco-friendly bags, such as drawstring bags, nearly-clear bags made of recycled plastics, and European string bags by major players is likely to propel the sales of mesh bags in the upcoming years.

Mesh bags are set to gain immense popularity in the future years as these provide high product visibility and breathability. These often contain custom labels and are mainly used for carrying vegetables and fruits. These are considered to be ideal retail bags that are knitted or woven by using fabric or plastic.

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These can be easily shaped as per the requirements of customers. Square, rectangular, oval, diamond, and hexagonal are some of the most common types of mesh bags that are available in the market. The rising focus of many companies on the manufacturing of cotton bags backed by the high demand for sustainable retail bags, as compared to plastic, is projected to drive the mesh bags market growth in future.

These bags are capable of keeping fruits and vegetables fresh for a long period of time. These have breathability property which helps in providing sufficient air circulation to the content present inside them and keeps them fresh.

Which are Some Prominent Drivers Spearheading Mesh Bags Market Growth?

The increasing production and sales of cotton bags across the globe is a significant factor that is estimated to expand the global mesh bags market size in the assessment period. Cotton mesh bags are washable and are thus highly preferred over plastic retail bags.

Different types of bags are used for a wide range of applications. Mesh bags made of HDPE are extensively utilized for breeding oysters. These are produced by using several techniques, such as extrusion and knitting.

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The surging demand for reusable and cotton mesh bags from hypermarkets and grocery stores for filling a specific quantity of fruits and vegetables is likely to augur well for the market. These help supermarkets in sealing the bags and placing price tags on them for providing a convenient shopping experience to customers.

What are the Challenges Faced by the Mesh Bags Industry?

Mesh bags are expensive, as compared to plastic bags as the former can be reused and laundered countless times. Many supermarkets charge an additional amount from customers specifically for sustainable and reusable grocery bags. This may not be feasible for many customers, which can obstruct the demand for mesh bags in the evaluation period.

Reusable mesh bags can contain a buildup of bacteria owing to the multitude of things that customers often put in them. Without proper washing, the buildup can increase and the amount of E. coli, as well as coliform bacteria will rise. This can result in the occurrence of various chronic ailments in people, thereby hampering the growth.

Why is North America emerging as an Opportunistic Mesh Bags Market?

The growing usage of mesh bags by people in the U.S. and Canada as laundry bags is set to boost the North America mesh bags market share in the forthcoming years. This is attributable to the ability of these bags to allow good display of products and easy prepacking.

The high demand for leno mesh bags among supermarkets and grocery stores for the packaging of citrus fruits, shellfish, firewood, nuts, and onions is another vital factor that is expected to bode well for the North America market. These bags are breathable, form-stable, and solid.

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How is Asia Pacific Contributing to Growth of the Mesh Bags Market?

The surging demand for fresh food items in China, Malaysia, Singapore, and India is likely to drive the mesh bags market growth in Asia Pacific. These bags are estimated to be increasingly used for storing shellfish and shrimp to maintain superior quality.

In February 2022, for instance, Singapore’s Minister for Sustainability and the Environment Grace Fu announced that charges for disposable carrier bags will be put in place at supermarkets to prevent excessive usage. These bags use up resources, are unsustainable, and add to carbon emission. Hence, the deployment of similar other stringent norms by governments of various countries in Asia Pacific is anticipated to push the growth.

Market Competition                                                  

Some of the leading mesh bags manufacturers operating in the global market include Vedder Industrial, Volm Companies, SG Global Packaging, Karatzis, Krishna Polynet, Min Shen Enterprise, Cady Bag, and Agribag among others.

Majority of the prominent companies present in the global market are focusing on the launch of cutting-edge products to meet the high demand from customers across the globe. A few other companies are aiming to co-develop new products by engaging in collaborations and partnerships. Meanwhile, some of the other manufacturers are striving to expand their production capacities by opening novel facilities in untapped areas.

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