The Massachusetts Medical Device Development Center is running an initiative, which would be crucial and greatly beneficial for the business owners that work towards improving the patient life and enhancing their independence. The center is a collaboration between UMass Lowell and UMass Medical School that is known for assisting biotech and medical device startups.

The Massachusetts Medical Device Development Center received a grant of over $7 million from the National Institutes of Health with which it would establish an all-new center that would be focused towards providing assistance to the researchers that are pioneering the cutting-edge technology in the development of medical devices such as the point-of-care devices and technologies for the patients suffering from disorders related to blood, heart, lung or even sleep disorders. Patients would gain great help while dealing with the health concerns and manage their health irrespective of where they are, with the help of these innovations that work towards improving the quality of life and reducing the hospital stays of patients.

The businesses that work towards innovating the traditional medical devices and have innovations close enough to undergo tests in clinical settings are encouraged to apply for being a part of the new center that is being developed by Massachusetts Medical Device Development Center. This is expected to provide major opportunities for medical professionals across the United States. As stated, a seed funding and the center’s legal, business, and staff expert support would be offered to the successful applications. The Center already awards seed funding to the best new concept from early stage diagnostic, medical device and biotech firms.

According to officials, the center would bring the extensive skills and brilliance at UMass Lowell and UMass Medical School together for the purpose of offering a robust infrastructure for development in terms of technology in and outside the entities, improve the care and treatment-outcomes for patients, and assist in transforming the economy of the region. The center would be established in the UMass Lowell and UMass Medical School by the year end.

Medical devices are gaining tremendous importance with the changing healthcare landscape and the growing demand for effective healthcare treatments. With such funding programs, medical device providers and manufacturers can gain a greater support for providing effective solutions for effective patient-care and incorporate innovations that simplify the task for healthcare professionals. This is expected to boost the healthcare industry with major developments anticipated for the forthcoming future.

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