NICO Corporation, a leader in modern interventional technologies and a medical device provider in Indianapolis has announced that it has completed a capital raise of $12.5 million of Series B. As stated by the company, the funding is raised among present shareholders which would provide resources for their lined-up priority activities including commercialization, new product development, additional biological preservation and tissue collection clinical studies, growth of clinical and sales team, regional expansion, and adding to the ever-growing published evidence library around enhanced economic and clinical outcomes

Jim Pearson, President and CEO of NICO Corporation stated that the company’s shareholders have confirmed and substantiated the confidence and commitment in the outcomes and value of NCIO technologies as well as their capabilities to create and grow new markets in neurosurgery. Market growth in neurosurgery is challenging owing to the environment that is changing slowly along with the era of strict healthcare protocols and regulations, and it only happens via documented outcomes that demonstrate improved economic value and clinical outcomes. Jim further added that the capital infusion positions NICO to additionally validate and support clinical outcomes through publications peer-reviewed and enables the company to company to keep working towards addressing the growing demand across the globe for the NICO technologies utilized in minimally invasive parafascicular surgery (MIPS).

The company focuses on extending its capabilities across various geographies and presently has its footprint in Australia, United Kingdom, the United States, Singapore and Canada. The primary focal point of expansion for the company remains Europe where NICO plans to offer its medical solutions.

NICO Corporation stated in their press release that the neurosurgery device market is expected to showcase rapid growth over the forthcoming decade owing to continuously expanding capabilities of neurosurgery by hospitals to align with advanced imaging, approach, and technological integration with the help of MIPS. NICO Corporation is determined to introduce products continuously for meeting the clinical needs and foster clinical evidence for the purpose of research activities. This funding would play a major role in the company’s future pursuits and initiatives. Ever since NICO Corporation has been found, the company has managed to raise $49.5 million in capital funding.

Such funding raised by key players in the healthcare industry and their clear objective to enhance their offerings and expand their reach is expected to foster the developments in healthcare while opening new doors of opportunities for the companies to serve patients better

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