Amazon had recently announced about its new headquarters, however the company wasn’t expecting a negative response out from public. The technology graveyard has been riddled with unsuccessful products and developments such as Amazon’s Fire Phone and Apple Newton. The technology giants in the long run are expected to focus on high-tech marketing organization, which needs an understanding of market-adoption process. The most common misunderstanding that most of the companies consider is that customers are early-adopters or hold similar characteristics or personalities.

Multi-Billion-Dollar Tech Firms to Witness Downfall in Revenue Sales

In the chosen territories of Amazon, which is Virginia and New York, the local politicians recoiled at the taxpayer-funded incentives promised to Amazon. Journalists throughout the political spectrum had panned deals and the social media has been flooded with Virginians and New Yorkers’ voices pledging resistance.

There were revelations that Facebook had exploited the anti-Semitic conspiracy ideas for undermining the legitimacy of critics, which in turn led to a negative impact on public view regarding the same. Even Apple and Amazon have been witnessing their share market values heading nearly US$1 trillion. All of the above factors has resulted in loss of the public trust in technology companies that have been promising to remake the planet politically, environmentally and socially. With each new scandal as well as failed response, companies are witnessed as turning out to be a serious danger for the society.

Warning Alarm for Tech Giants to Ramp up from What’s Left

The technological firms are definitely wealthy and powerful, however, their days of hiding scrutiny are about to end. American public have begun suspecting that technology giants are unprepared or perhaps unwilling for taking up the responsibility of tools that they introduce to the world. Future of the corporate offices of Amazon is shaping up as multi-sided brawl amongst the elected officials as well as people who they are planning to represent. The response of each technology firm to every new revelation draws up a standard pattern.

It’s high time that the tech giants should be changing themselves dramatically by either breaking themselves up or taking hold of responsibility for the damage caused to consumers because of their products and platforms. Using any technology holds related risks but increasing technological systems in complexity and size stimulates the probability of damage. In addition, the tech giants are also likely to focus on developing models that would help them in differentiating between discontinuous and continuous innovations.

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