Google would soon roll out a facility on Maps, which would be highly beneficial for users to connect with the business profiles in nearby locations. This basically offers an opportunity for asking questions while exploring places to go for shopping and things to do. Last year, Google has enabled users across various regions to message businesses utilizing Google’s ‘Business Profiles’, thereby allowing them in sending messages to the businesses by eliminating the need for phone calls. However, now that this new feature has rolled out on Google Maps as well, users across several other countries will be able to connect with businesses for the first time.

Google Maps More Than Navigational Tool with Significant Use of Data from Previous Years

Google Maps has turned out to be more than just a navigational tool with integration of several features that makes it equivalent to other popular social platforms. With the emergence of new messaging feature in Google Maps, it has come a step closer towards transforming into complete social media platform. The messaging feature of Google Maps is taken up as an expansion of real-time business of Google towards customer messaging service that is debuted in several regions the earlier year. Now, along with traffic information, the map also indicates busy times at the shopping centers as well as movie theaters depending on traffic data from previous years.

Google My Business App Installation to Hold Remarkable Future for Business World

The messages with the businesses that we connect will be visible by means of ‘Business Profiles’ in side menu. The facility is made available within the app – Google Maps, on both iOS and Android devices. In order to let the feature work as intended, local businesses could install Google’s My Business app, thereby enabling messages.

My Business app has been regarded as a free tool, which is supremely beneficial for small business owners in reaching out people online as well as connecting with customers through Google. This in turn enhances growth of ventures like Facebook “Pages”. Product Manager of Maps, Google, Aditya Tendulkar had mentioned that as long as local businesses have enabled messages, users can connect with the businesses in just one tap. The ‘message’ button is the only thing to look for on Google Search and Maps’ ‘Business Profiles’.

Any business that plans to be a part of this new feature user, must install verification system of “My Business” by Google along with its related applications for sending and receiving messages. The same application has been advanced as Adweek notes, by turning it one-stop shop for the small businesses for upgrading their data, in order to enable Google chat with their clients. In Google My Business app, users can access the Post button for adding photos and posts to their ‘Business Profiles’. The advanced version of Google My Business app enables the business to remain in contact with their customers on the go and in real-time.

Forward Looking Pointers

Google is expecting such lucrative information to benefit users in avoiding traffic as well as lines for saving time. Lately, Google Maps have been updated with quick search for restaurants, estimated time of arrivals on trips and exploring business areas. Google has come up with “Follow” button in Maps for customers to track businesses on the basis of events and news along with others. With advancements in Maps, competition with Facebook is expected to increase at a significant pace as Google is turning out to be a popular platform for the businesses. The notable part here is that this newly advanced Google Maps also helps in listing businesses before launch as well as shows their opening dates.

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