We are living in an era of instability and risks. Greater transparency, new technologies and globalization have been combined for upending business environment, thereby offering deep sense of uneasiness to many CEOs and other company officials. Quicker recently announced regarding the successful business hike in its operations by 95% that was found out after consolidating its revenues and the hike rose to Rs.173.49Cr in FY17-18. Rahul Tewari, CEO of Quicker stated that the 95% revenue growth is attributed towards its higher margins as well as low-cost of customer acquisition. He further added that synergies and cross-selling opportunities between its verticals would further enable in amplifying their business expansion and growth.

Forward Looking Statements

Quicker continued its progress momentum in initial two quarters of present fiscal and moreover is expecting the revenues to double up by Rs.350Cr with annualized run-rate for fourth quarter being in Rs.500Cr range. CEO and founder of Quicker, Pranay Chulet had mentioned that they will be verticalizing their business by providing the customers with total transactions in large categories, which in turn helps them in unlocking true potential of their business. Quicker is also looking forward to receive more than 30Million unique users every month. It has operations across various businesses that is inclusive of services, jobs, homes, education, cars and C2C.

Strategies Adopted By Quicker

Quicker has adopted a notable strategy of functioning online-to-offline transferable models over its broader classified base that has been displaying positive outcomes so far. The company has been taking immense efforts in delivering end-to-end transfers to its customers across several regions in its verticals, which is inclusive of home services, beauty, electronics and furniture, cars and bikes as well as co-living.

Quicker will continue to operate AtHomeDiva and Commonfloor as self-regulating brands across the global market, whereas other acquired firms such as beauty businesses and Grabhouse have been incorporated in Quicker businesses. These acquisitions have provided the company with stringer outcomes by merging acquired companies’ models with wide-ranging demand and supply base. The investors of Quicker are inclusive of Omidyar Network, Steadview Capital, NGP Capital, Norwest Venture Partners, Norwest Venture Partners, Warburg Pincus, Kinnevik and Tiger Global Management.

Leveraging with existing capabilities and assets for experimenting with the business models leads to notable growth in business. Growing number of economic activities occurring beyond the corporate boundaries by means of peer production, value ecosystems, value nets, offshoring and outsourcing leads to significant development of strategies across the globe by dynamic business systems.

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