Bulk molding compounds are bulk molding composites are a thermoset polyester material made with glass-fiber reinforcement. The bulk molding compounds are moldable and are used in compression molding and injection molding. The end-use application segments that use bulk molding compounds such as electrical and electronics, transportation, and consumer goods.

The verticals using bulk molding compounds achieve flame and track resistance, close definition control, electrical insulation, corrosion resistance, low shrinking capabilities, excellent mechanical properties, and color stability. The superior attributes of bulk molding compounds allow them to be well-equipped for a wide range of applications that demand high-performance and dimension precision. The extensive range of colors that the bulk molding compounds are available in, make them a preferred choice for composites.

Light-weight Composites Trending

Automotive industry has been transforming with the ever increasing urbanization and persistently emerging transport systems. The need for swift and rapid commute alternatives has triggered the need for reducing the weight of new-aged automobiles, thereby boosting the consumption of light-weight materials and composites such as bulk molding compounds.

Furthermore, the use of such high-performance and effective bulk molding compounds also improves the mechanics of the vehicles that deploy these composites. Various companies and bulk molding compounds market players are constantly focused towards enhancing the abilities of these composites for improving the performance of the end use verticals that are making use of these composites.

Innovative Products Could Put the Providers at the Fore

Innovations have been a key strategy for manufacturers that are constantly moving towards gaining major profits from the transforming demands for bulk molding compounds market. The customers are opting for improved light-weight composites and high-performance alternatives which has boosted development in the bulk molding compounds market. The bulk molding compounds are primarily prepared with the reinforcement of glass. This scenario stimulated a necessity of preparing bulk molding compounds with the use of natural fibers. Furthermore, the need for sustainable light-weight construction has become a key driver for innovation.

Specialists at the Germany-based company, Lorenz Kunststofftechnik have introduced a unique product in the bulk molding compounds market. Their new bulk molding compounds are formed with the combination of natural fibers including jute, sisal or cotton fiber with polyester. Claimed to showcase similar attributes that of fiber reinforced plastics, the bulk molding compounds are expected to stir new happenings in the bulk molding compounds market. The company made use of their BMC 0204, a tried and examined material in the bulk molding compounds market that contained two sustainable materials beforehand that include the bulking agent, calcium-carbonate and a flame retardant, Alumina Trihydrate (ATH).

What Could Hinder the Demand Growth of Bulk Molding Compounds?

Although new developments are providing major opportunities for the providers of bulk molding compounds, certain products and alternatives are expected to create hindrances in the growth of the bulk molding compounds market. RomeoRim, has been significantly working towards catering to the requirements of light-weight composites and plastics. With this aim, the company has been pioneering innovations for reducing environmental impact. Their most cost-effective and time-efficient product offering, the long fiber injection (LFI), has contributed to unparalleled light-weight outcomes. Being about 40 percent lighter than its counterparts such as bulk molding compound, sheet molding compound, and fiber reinforced plastic, as claimed by the company, they could be used as a better alternative, thereby posing a threat to the bulk molding compounds market.

The ongoing research on bulk molding compounds market exhibits the key elements that determine the scenario pertaining to global perspective. The key offerings of the bulk molding compounds market illustrates the current market information and the potential that the market holds in the forthcoming years

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