Extensive R&D activities, wide-ranging acceptance of the products along with initiating building codes is expected to stimulate the demand supply of cross laminated timber in the non-residential applications. A notable factor here is that since the recent past, adhesive bonded cross laminated timber has been witnessing significant demand in the cross laminated timber market on a global basis. The residential sector has been contributing on a substantial basis in driving the demand supply of adhesive bonded cross laminated timber as the product comprises of exclusive environmentally friendly adhesives. Most of all, adhesive bonded cross laminated timber is comparatively cheaper than other mechanically fastened cross laminated timber and no labor cost has been involved in its application as well, which in turn supports its potentiality in the cross laminated timber market across the globe.

Why is Cross Laminated Timber Preferred Over Steel and Concrete?

In construction activities, cross laminated timber has been significantly preferred as it helps in reducing risks owing to its exclusive properties. Cross laminated timber helps in reducing the impact of construction activities on the environment as well as decreases disturbance in the local communities. Early completion of construction processes with cross laminated timber compared to various other building materials such as steel, cement, and bricks etc. further drives demand supply in the global market.

Increasing usage of cross laminated timber on-site in order to reduce labor costs along with construction time of the building is expected to dive in substantial revenues in the cross laminated timber market in the forthcoming years. Most of all, rising safety from fire as the innovation holds properties such as high permeability and low density, which in turn provides heat insulation, thereby protecting the wood is expected to offer significant manufacturing opportunities to the manufacturers in cross laminated timber market.

Growing Awareness to Remain Highly Beneficial

Several studies have indicated that growing awareness doe splay a significant role in the growth of cross laminated timber market for the forthcoming years. Clearly on the aspect of construction industry, growing awareness regarding climate change and deforestation is likely to notably promote the growth rate of cross laminated timber market. This growth is also attributed towards the possibility that several regions such as APAC have been maintaining climate and forest sustainability in their priority list.

In addition, large construction companies, timber trade federations, and government agencies have been taking immense efforts in promoting the use of cross laminated timber in upcoming construction projects, which in turn is expected to push revenue sales in cross laminated timber market. Growing demand for reducing fresh water consumption significantly stimulates the demand supply in cross laminated timber market. Rising need for enhancing indoor environment quality that helps in environment sustainability is estimated to fuel growth and development in cross laminated timber market. Moreover, production of cross laminated timber even helps in maintaining clean environment, thereby generating zero waste, which again leads to expansion of customer-base in cross laminated timber market with rapidly increasing demand.

North America to Offer Attractive Opportunities to Enhance Revenue Sales

Cross laminated timber market of Canada and U.S is foreseen to be substantially driven by growing demand from the engineers and architects for using building systems and building products that are highly based on wood. According to the earlier scenario, U.S. had been restricted form using wooden buildings for 3-4 stories on account of regulations implemented by International Building Codes, which in turn was restraining the North America cross laminated timber market. However, since the recent past, wide-ranging acceptance has been observed in the demand for products and development in the building codes, which in turn further stimulates demand supply in North America cross laminated timber market along with growing potential of high-rise buildings in the region. Considering the afore-mentioned factors, key players cross laminated timber market can expect North America to support them with lucrative opportunities in business expansion along with flourishing opportunities for construction sector in the long run as well.

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