National Treatment Purchase Fund (NTPF) recently announced its plan to fund nine private hospitals in Ireland, to offer improved diagnostic services to the patients. Approximately €1Million has been planned under the scheme. The Ireland Government is expected to continue the funding till January 2019, catering to the increased footfall of patients arising from overcrowding during peak winters. The earmarked additional funding by the Government is estimated to support the private hospitals in serving the patients better.

Securing Diagnostic Services to Be Agenda for Ireland Private Hospitals

The heavy funding is expected to be mainly utilized for securing diagnostic services in the private facilities for the patients that are present at the emergency departments and will also be used for diagnostic services in public hospitals. In addition, the heavy funding will be utilized for paying emergency surgery and diagnostics that is inclusive of endoscopies, angiograms and for the transcatheter aortic valve implants. This in turn, stimulates production sales of surgical generators in the region as well.

A recent study on surgical generators market by Future Market Insights revealed that hospitals have been majorly contributing towards the increasing number of surgical generators with rising number of surgical procedures as well as interventions. Surging need for procedure accuracy and patient safety will remain key factor for boosting surgical generators demand.

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Health Service Executive and NTPF Further Plans

The Health Department of Ireland is of the point of view that the type and level of support for each hospital will be determined by NTPF, thereby entering into in-depth discussions with HSE. Together, the two regulatory bodies will be reviewing the take-up and level of support also with the choice of expanding further sites for long period of time, which however would be subject to prior agreement. The regulatory bodies in Ireland, inclusive of Simon Harris, Minister of Health, has been taking immense efforts in facilitating hospitals with amenities that can save the time of staff as well as patients spent in time-consuming procedures. The NTPF (National Treatment Purchase Fund) chiefly holds the ability of providing more access to the diagnostic tests, which in turn helps the patients inside as well as outside the hospitals with in availing required treatments.

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