Automotive wiring harness is an assembly of data circuits and wires that are compactly bundled together, which are used in the integration of several electronic components. The automotive wiring harness functions as a central nervous system of a vehicle. It helps in transmitting power to distinct automotive modules. Considered as one of the main components in an automotive, the automotive wiring harness is responsible for handling the complete current flow across all the automotive components. Furthermore, apart from facilitating the basic functionalities of the automotive, the automotive wiring harness also ensures safety. Furthermore, quality assurance plays a vital role in the production of the automotive wiring harness, owing to which, major companies are increasingly focusing on this vital aspect.

Automotive Wiring Harness Landscape to Witness Production Expansion

With its increasing significance in the automotive sector, the automotive wiring harness providers are finding the need to expand their production operations, to multiply the automotive wiring harness production. Leading players are working towards matching the demand for the automotive wiring harness. For instance, Furukawa Automotive Systems, a member of the Furukawa Electric Group, has been awarded two orders for automotive wiring harness for global vehicles, primary focusing on the North American market. Owing to this, the company would increase the automotive wiring harness production capacity in the Philippines. The total investment in this expansion project is about ten billion yen.

Acquisition Strategies to Flourish Automotive Wiring Harness Engineering

Companies across the globe are recognizing the potential associated with the ever-increasing success reflected by the automotive industry. With the increasing demand for automotive, the need for effective automotive components has also witnessed a substantial rise. Electric giants are looking forward to harvesting the potential in automotive wiring harness engineering. For instance, a leading industrial manufacturing company, Siemens, recently announced that it has acquired the Munich-based software developer for electrical systems design and wiring harness engineering, COMSA Computer und Software GmbH. The combination of the technology and team of COMSA with the Mentor Business, a part of Siemens PLM Software, will add the design data analytics capabilities and key harness engineering to Siemens products.

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