Automotive pumps are primarily used for the transfer of automotive fluids such as oil and fuel in the vehicles. They are being used significantly to improve the overall performance of the vehicle and enhance its fuel efficiency. Furthermore, the increasing demand for sustainable solutions has been propelling automotive component manufacturers to develop high-performance automotive pumps that could cater to the changing demands. Automotive pumps find their application in various automotive systems including coolants, fuel, steering, windshield, and others. Prominent market players are aimed at addressing the requirements of the automotive sector with the help of different types of automotive pumps.

New Electric Coolant Pump Technology by Concentric AB

There is a substantial shift witnessed amongst the consumers from mechanical automotive pumps to electric automotive pumps, owing to the various features and benefits over the mechanical type. Owing to this, companies are eyeing on the profit-gaining opportunities associated with the electric automotive pumps.

For instance, Concentric Ab, a leading provider of automotive pumps has received an order for the production of electric coolant pumps for an upcoming range of electric vehicles. The order was granted by a globally recognized truck and bus OEM. This is the third nominated application of the company’s electric pump technology. The electric coolant pump by Concentric AB offers power savings for the vehicle system with the help of its speed control capability and variable pressure.

New Products Boosting the Demand for Automotive Pumps

New product development has been a major profit gaining strategy for companies providing automotive components such as automotive pumps. With the changing dynamics of the market along with demand transformations, companies offer new products to the market. For example, a leading player in the automotive pumps market and a manufacturer of fuel pumps, TI Automotive, launched its new high-performance fuel system products, consisting of a family of high performance fuel tanks that are designed to support 600 plus HP applications. Moreover, the new pumps are ideal for forced induction applications such as turbocharged and supercharged and are one of the highest flowing pumps on the market.

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