Companies Develop Remote Therapy Monitoring Program

KCI, an Acelity Firm, global leader in the advanced wound management along with Highmark Inc., a nationwide spread healthcare insurance provider, have taken immense efforts in developing iOn PROGRESS™ Remote Therapy Monitoring Program. This new development is based on a performance-based agreement that aims in improving the overall patient experience, thereby lowering the costs by means of increased adherence and engagement. Utilized in combination with ACTIV.A.C. ™ Therapy System, the new product comprises of three important components such as adherence, engagement and monitoring.

The agreement is taken up as the first initiative for the NPWT (Negative Pressure Wound Therapy), thereby creating performance-based payment structures for reducing total wound-care costs. The collaboration is resultant of diligent evaluation procedure by Highmark Inc., for understanding how iOn PROGRESS™ Remote Therapy Monitoring Program is impacting its end-users, thereby improving quality and lowering total care costs. The unique development enables in engaging patients as well as their caregivers in better assisting them with healing process that results in improved therapy adherence along with reduced cost and most of all, better outcomes.

Lately, KCI had reached a milestone of nearly 10,000 patients utilizing the program, which in turn offered the clinicians with an overall insight on the patient’s experience using negative pressure wound therapy by means of interactive booth experience and poster presentation.

Tracking Pumps to Advance With DeRoyal

DeRoyal, healthcare technology company lately introduced a solution for the hospitals engaging its platform – Continuum UHF RFID, for benefitting the tracking pumps that are broadly used for NPWT. This system leverages the RFID technology that is built in cabinets and tags along with GPS technology. Moreover, the system also integrates satellite and cellular connections built in pump units for identifying their locations in real-time. The new solution allows the pumps to be utilized at hospitals and in travelling with patients soon after discharge along with billing process completed by the insurance companies. Earlier in 2018, this solution was released commercially to other hospitals as well.

ConvaTec Group Receives US FDA Clearance for Avelle

ConvaTec Group, a British medical technology firm lately obtained 510(k) clearance from US FDA for its Avelle NPWT system, thereby paving lucrative ways for the firm’s entry in the US NPWT market. The innovative Avelle NPWT system is widely utilized on wounds ranging from low-to-moderate, which is inclusive of surgically closed incisions, skin grafts, dehisced and sub-acute wounds, traumatic, acute and chronic wounds. The disposable device integrates NPWT with advantages of the Hydrofiber Technology, which in turn makes the pump usable for 30days. This technology helps in creating a moist wound environment, benefitting the healing process. Most of all, Avelle NPWT system offers unification of the innovative wound-care technologies, which is easy-to-use, portable and lightweight, thereby providing patients with better mobility and enables in fast-relief as well.

A recent study by Future Market Insights on negative pressure wound therapy market indicates, surging number of chronic and acute wound conditions attributed towards rising burn incidences is expected to push demand sales of negative pressure wound therapy in the forthcoming years.

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