Pentagon Spends Nearly $1,400 in Electric Breast Pump

Pentagon has spent approximately $1,400 in electric breast pump, which goes for nearly $192 in stores. On a broader aspect, DHA (Defense Health Agency) overpaid around $16.2Million for the standard electric breast pump as well as replacement parts offered to the beneficiaries in former West, South and North Tricare regions. Congress initially ordered Tricare for offering free standard electric breast pumps to mother’s as part of the National Defense Authorization Act. Along with prescription of the physician, every mother would be receiving new breast pump as well as supplies such as breast pump bottles and tubing, per ‘birth event’. Tricare is planning to revamp its coverage policy for including fixed reimbursement rates throughout the system. DHA is taking immense efforts in allowing beneficiaries for continuing holding access over out-of-the-network providers as well as retail environments for purchase purposes at reasonable cost controls.

Freemie and Willow: Future of the Electric Breast Pump

New and smart breast pump has been designed for making it easier for mothers for expressing milk as well as making breastfeeding comparatively comfortable. The Freemie Liberty and Willow electronic breast pump are both hands-free and can easily fit in a bra cup.

Willow breast pump: This product is officially launched in US. This pair of wearable breast pump easily fit in the bra, collecting the breast milk in spill-proof and disposable bag, thereby fitting in the cup. No external tubes and cords are available, rather has smarter capabilities, which is the electric breast pump consists of Willow iOS app. This app can enable in linking with the iPhone for tracking the end-user’s on-going session. The app precisely describes regarding the expressed milk volume as well as the time spent in pumping, which in turn helps in comparing with the previously obtained session data.

Freemie Liberty Breast Pump: With regards to flexibility of usage, Freemie Liberty breast pump witnesses growing demand in US. Freemie Liberty collects breast milk in moulded cup, which is likely to be placed around pump unit that is usable to fit in the bra as well. The main drawback of Freemie Liberty is that it is not completely tube free. However, this exclusive hands-free product is highly compact and is easy to handle. Wide-ranging suction and speeds settings is made available along with main facility of sleep timer.

Another notable point here is, these smart breast pump are mainly ‘hospital grade’. Manufacturers of Willow breast pump are taking immense efforts in developing collecting bags, in order to cater to the emerging demand of mothers. Willow and Freemie are expected to be liberating future of the electric breast pump, by offering mothers with convenient and affordable breast pumps.

A recent study by Future Market Insights on breast pump market indicates, growing demand for cost-effective treatment with regards to breastfeeding is likely to offer growth opportunities for manufacturers in breast pump market.

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