Product Introductions Apropos to Millennials’ Predilections to Gain Ground in the Beach Towels Market

The beach towels market is expected to remain under the influence of evident yet overlooked factors such as altering preferences of modern consumers, traveling preferences of millennials, increased spending power, and evolving production & marketing dynamics. As manufacturers of beach towels comply their production with these influencing factors, the beach towels market is marked by the introduction of a range of novel products that not only complement fashion craving but provide relaxing, durable beach towels.

Rising summer heat has made beaches a preferred holiday destination for beach lovers as well as families. As beach holidays remain among the top priority of travelers, the market for beach holiday accessories is expected to witness stable growth, in turn, driving the beach towels market. However, a steady outlook of the beach towels market carries a number of caveats that are likely to impound the progressive trend of the market.

Driving Growth through Millennial-Fave Product Evolution

As beaches have become a must on every travel lovers’ bucket list, the market for beach holiday accessories is likely to witness an impressive growth in the foreseeable future. Beach towels are one of the important beach holiday accessories purchased by travelers for comfort and delight. With their significant impression on the global business landscape, millennials’ evolving preferences for vacations have transmuted the industry output. Apropos to their predilections, beach towel manufacturers have introduced a range of products that are trending in the beach towels market.

  • While cotton is the preferred fabric for beach towels, other fabrics such as linen, velour, microfiber and terry cloth cotton among others are provided by the beach towel manufacturers. Greater liking for cotton has led manufacturers to introduce beach towels woven by finest sheared cotton delivering super soft texture.
  • Breaking the standard trend of rectangle shape, leading market players have launched round beach towels – ‘roundie’ which is getting considerable traction among millennials. Companies such as Ban.Do and the Round Towel Company have introduced round beach towels with attractive prints.
  • Apart from their use as a promo item, the huge imprinting areas of beach towels are being dyed in multiple color shades and printed with actual arts and quotes, transforming a simple beach towel into a captivating beach accessory.
  • As the adoption of beach towels is encouraged by a gifting trend and wholesale purchase from beach resorts, the presence of a wide range of budget in the beach towels market is another millennials-led market course.

Ambitious Outlook for Beach Holidays Pointing to a Positive Growth Ahead

Beach holidays remain among the top holiday destinations of travel lovers where starting from millennials to baby boomers are promoting the positive outlook of the beach holiday industry. Addition of capacities in popular beach destinations by travel companies has supported the rises and falls of the industry. Further, changing consumer trends have prominently impacted the design and production output of beach accessories including beach towels. As manufacturers comply with the evolving modern demands, beach towels have remained successful in gaining a substantial consumer traction. The rapidly growing travel industry, generating revenues worth trillions of dollars, and steadily rising preference for beach holidays are set to bolster the holiday accessories market, further supporting the progress of beach towels market.

Albeit a steady inclination for beach holidays underpins the progress of beach towels, incidences of the tsunami and alarming spread of humidity related infectious diseases are quenching travelers’ interest for beach holidays. Further, as beach towels serve a restricted purpose as compared to bath towels, their adoption remains strangled among the consumer pool of beach lovers. Factors as such are likely to confine the future progress of the beach towels market.

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