Point of care cholesterol monitoring device is being used increasingly for detecting the blood analytes for further diagnosis and management. It is a modern healthcare device that enables the clinicians or patients to perform diagnostic tests outside laboratories. Its compact design and portability makes it ideal for use in obtaining results of lipoprotein and cholesterol levels in the blood. Point of care cholesterol monitoring device helps detect the total cholesterol profile. Moreover, the demand for hand held and portable devices is increasing rapidly, further boosting the demand for point of care cholesterol monitoring device.

Prevalence of Home Care to Stimulate Point of Care Cholesterol Monitoring Device Sale

Self-testing process is gaining tremendous demand lately, with its benefits that allow faster diagnosis along with a convenience factor. The rapid and seamless process of monitoring cholesterol level provided by device, ensures better health management. Moreover self-testing and home care devices act as a cost-effective way of diagnostics, making them a futuristic diagnosis device for cholesterol monitoring. For example, at-home cholesterol monitoring kits are gaining traction over the years, with the simplicity and ease associated with them.

Regulatory Approvals to Remain a Significant Milestone

With various medical device manufacturers developing point of care medical devices, there has been a rise in awareness of stringent regulations associated with the use of the point of care cholesterol monitoring device. The approval of the US FDA (Food and Drug Administration) plays a major role in the growth of the point of care cholesterol monitoring device landscape. Prominent players are on a constant focus of gaining FDA approvals for their point of care products, to ensure reliability. For example, Solana Health, a key player in the point of care cholesterol monitoring device offers a home cholesterol kit that is certified by FDA.

Tapping Opportunities in International Market with New Development

Companies are often witnessed expanding their footprint across various markets to profit from the several promising markets. For instance, ACON Laboratories, Inc., a global manufacturer of medical diagnostic products for point of care and clinical laboratory sectors, and a leading point of care cholesterol monitoring device market player recently announced that its Mission Lipid Data Management Software is made available for international customers, to use it with the Mission Cholesterol Meter, which would allow easy transfer of lipid panel results from the meter to PC. This would create and manage the electronic records securely.

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