Expanding Vegan Cheese Portfolio of Daiya with Brand-New Ready-To-Eat Cheeze Sticks

Daiya Foods Inc., dairy alternative food company in Vancouver, British Columbia recently announced the launch of new vegan cheeze sticks that was added to the wide-ranging portfolio of cheese. The all-new Mozzarella Style Deluxe Cheeze Sticks are free of gluten, soy and dairy. The new vegan cheese sticks are made available in 6 individually wrapped sticks packets that are perfect for ready-to-eat work desk snacks, lunchboxes and snacking. The all-new plant based vegan cheese is targeted towards lactose intolerant, vegan and allergic individuals.

Apart from this, the vegan cheese company is planning to expand its production facility in Burnaby, Vancouver, in order to cater to the brand’s need for generating staggering revenues of nearly $1 billion. The vegan cheese company further announced that they would be shifting their 400,000sq.ft.home by 2020. The new headquarters of the vegan cheese company is likely to be a long-term investment for the forthcoming years, thereby benefitting the plant-based foods demand and supply across the globe.

Strategic Acquisitions Enables in Expanding Presence of Go Veggie Brand in Canada

GreenSpace Brands Inc., sells, markets and develops natural and organic products in Canada, recently acquired Galaxy Nutritional Foods, Inc., producer of plant-based cheese-free products. GreenSpace Brands has planned to ensure Go Veggie as the prominent plant-based food business in the North America. This transformational acquisition is benefitting GreenSpace Brands Inc., by making them a coveted vertical of the plant-based dairy, enabling in leveraging their Canadian platform, thereby launching Go Veggie brand to the Canadians. Plant-based foods are witnessing surging demand in Canada, which in turn makes GreenSpace Brands to expand its presence in that country within that space.

Strategic Distribution Deal for Support in Streamlining Distribution Process

Field Roast Grain Meat Co., markets and produces vegan meat products, recently announced the exclusive distribution deal with the Australia-based distributor, Essen Foods. The acquired company is expected to enable in streamlining distribution process with their wide-ranging brand experience as distributor and importer of the American-made food products. This strategic decision is expected to benefit Field Roast Grain Meat Co., with cost-efficiency, thereby supporting growth and forthcoming developments along with continuing momentum on an international basis with overall support of the Essen Foods company.

The unmatched network of the associated delivery infrastructure, transport and cold storage cold storage partners of Essen Foods enabled in expanding distribution for the products of Field Roast Grain Meat Co., inclusive of Loaves, Roasts, FieldBurger, Deli Slices, Field Roast Sausages as well as the vegan cheese brand’s all-new frozen set. Under this strategic deal, Essen Foods also offers the vegan cheese company with Australian label compliance, trade show presence, in-store marketing support and regional advertising along with others.

A recent study by Future Market Insights on vegan cheese market indicates, rapidly increasing demand for plant-based alternatives and mozzarella vegan cheese is expected to drive the revenue sales in the overall vegan cheese market.

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