Elimination of CO Emissions with Stored Wood Pellets

Clarkson University recently discovered all-new process for eliminating release of the toxic CO (carbon monoxide) gas from the stored wood pellets. The usage of wood pellet stoves and boilers for replacing older wood boilers, and heating oil is an initiative towards supporting nation-leading energy targets for reducing the emission of greenhouse gases by approximately 40% by 2030-end. This breakthrough discovery is a solution to the crucial safety and health concern that enables New Yorkers in using wood pellet boilers and stoves, thereby safely storing the wood pellets. This is a major initiative towards clean and heating with the wood pellet boilers and stove.

Commitment of Clarkson University for enhancing research that drives the healthy global solutions along with the vision of North Country Regional Economic Development Council for creating greenest energy economy across the New York state have been in complete alignment. Sources form the research institute is of the point of view that advanced technology heating systems have been enabling consumers in using local wood pellets as well as cordwood as fuel in an improved, cleaner and more effective way.

Wood Pellets by Enviva to Help In Power-Plant Conversion

Enviva, distributor of utility-grade wood pellets in US is planning to supply wood pellets to Mitsubishi Corp., Japan for its new biomass power plant conversion in Japan. Enviva will be supplying nearly 630,000 metric tons of the wood pellets every year to the Japanese firm. Enviva had stated, the long-term imported biomass fuel supply to Aioi Bioenergy Corp. that is planning to convert present oil-fired power plants to biomass. This major initiative has been taken for eliminating impacts of the climate change. The company will be supplying sustainable wood pellets fuel to Aioi facility, which is one amongst the biggest reserved biomass project in Japan.

Furthermore, the project will also convert the Unit 2 of the overall Aioi Power Station in the Hyogo Prefecture from the usage of very heavy or the crude oil to the wood pellets. According to inside company sources, the unit will be beginning the generation of power by means of biomass fuel by January 2023 and the operations will last for nearly a 20year time span.

Strategic Acquisition by Lignetics to Enable Expansion of Presence in New England

Lignetics Inc. recently announced acquisition of the New England Wood Pellet LLC that is inclusive of the manufacturing plants in Pennsylvania, Youngsville, New York, Deposit, New York, Schuyler, New Hampshire and Jaffrey. With this strategic expansion, Lignetics will place a strong position in mid-Atlantic as well as New England markets. With this strategic acquisition, the acquiring company will expand its footprint across the US and continue to be a leading player in residential wood pellet industry.

A recent study by Future Market Insights on wood pellet market indicates rapidly increasing carbon emissions and growing number of dedicated biomass power plants are expected to boost revenue sales in wood pellet market.

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