Canines to Taste Premium Packaged Foods By Nestle

Nestle will be selling packaged food for the canines in India, starting with the premium packaged foods. The company has introduced premium dog food products under Supercoat brand. The new brand consists of wide-ranging array for complete as well as balanced food, inclusive of wholesome combination of the higher-quality natural ingredients that are free from artificial flavors, colors or preservatives. In the initial phase, the pet care products will be sold by means of retail outlets in 12 cities across India.

Note: Pet Care is comparatively new business for the Nestle brand, on a global basis.

Nestle further has plans to sell specified veterinary diet products. Pet care is a considerably small industry in India and Nestle is taking immense efforts in elevating its position in the Southeast Asia pet care market on a broader perspective. Nestle is witnessing huge potential in India’s pet care and food industry with growing awareness regarding pert nutrition and rapidly increasing digitization in Southeast Asia. Indian veterinarians are taking immense efforts in attending pet care programs in order to obtain more awareness regarding pet foods.

Free Pet Care Programs to Enhance Diabetes Management

Zoetis, Purina and Merck Animal Health for the fifth time in a row have joined forces for offering free tools and diabetes education to the veterinarians. According to recent revelations by the three companies, diabetes mellitus has been affecting nearly one in every 230 cats as well as one in every 300 dogs. With the beginning of this program, sponsoring companies have been assisting the veterinarians in the screening of thousands of pets as well as offers resources benefitting the diabetes management.

With enrollment in Diabetes Pet Care Alliance program, the veterinarians are obtaining access to resources and tools, which help them in enhancing awareness with regards to diabetes, which in turn leads to initiating screening of pets as well. Most of all, the pet owners that have pets diagnosed with diabetes through the program have received free disease management kit from the participating clinics. Conclusively, Diabetes Pet Care Alliance program has been enrolling new practices that is likely to continue in the forthcoming months as well.

New and Innovative Parasite Preventive to Protect Pets against Ticks

Zoetis recently announced Revolution Plus, a sarolaner and selamectin topical solution that is 6-in-1 feline parasite preventive, protecting against ticks, has received approval from FDA. Revolution Plus is a protection against

  • Fleas
  • Gulf Coast tick
  • American dog tick
  • Ear mites
  • Roundworms
  • Hookworms
  • Heartworms

The new product can be used in kittens and cats as young as eight weeks as well as weighing nearly 2.8 lb. With FDA approval of the pet care products, pet owners, practice staff and veterinarians can enhance special bond between the human families and cats by catering to threat of ticks without compromising in the broad-spectrum effectiveness from feline Revolution. Most of all, addition of sarolaner to selamectin is an innovative combination product with wide-ranging endo as well as ectoparasiticide spectrum for kittens and cats.

A recent study by Future Market Insights on Southeast Asia pet care market indicates growing adoption of the private label brands and increasing number of healthcare programs and pet humanization is likely to positively impact on the revenue sales in southeast asia pet care market.

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