An automotive exhaust manifold plays a crucial role in automotive engineering that is designed to collect exhaust gases from multiple cylinders into a single pipe. Driven by a primary goal of reducing flow resistance, automotive exhaust manifolds are being developed with next-gen engineering advancements to further contribute to increasing the efficiency of the automotive engine.

Moreover, the adoption of advanced technology and the right choice of material in the automotive exhaust manifold production are increasing the load capacity, improving corrosion-resistance and resistance to high-temperature, and enhancing the strength of automotive exhaust manifold. With these enhancements, the automotive exhaust manifold provides better productivity that is expected to contribute to the growth of the overall automotive exhaust manifold market. The recently published research report on automotive exhaust manifold market by Future Market Insights projects that global automotive exhaust manifold market is expected to reflect promising growth with a significant market share of over US$ 8.6 billion, in 2019.

Key Players to Extend Capabilities in Lucrative Markets

The leading automotive exhaust manifold providers are catering to the changing consumer needs with the adoption of new technologies that boost the overall performance of the automotive vehicles. Furthermore, the companies operating in the automotive exhaust manifold landscape aim at harvesting the potential of the most promising regions with respect to the demand for automotive exhaust manifold systems. The APEJ region is amongst the most considerable markets for automotive exhaust manifold which is expected to be valued at nearly US$ 3 billion, in 2019.

China to reflect Significant Opportunities for Automotive Exhaust Manifold Providers

Leading manufacturers of automotive exhaust manifold are not only boosting their market presence with substantial developments in their product portfolio but are also making investments in promising economies avenues. Amongst the most significant markets in APEJ, the Chinese market is expected to witness substantial adoption of the automotive exhaust manifold, owing to which the market is China is expected to be valued at over US$ 2 billion in the year 2019. Manufacturers are joining forces with established companies in China, to expand their market presence in the Asia-Pacific region.

BENTELER Automotive, a leading manufacturer of automotive exhaust manifold recently entered into a joint venture partnership with the subsidiary arm of First Automotive Works (FAW) Group, which is a China-state owned firm, the FAWAY Automobile Components Co. This joint venture will result in the formation of a company named FAWAY BENTELER Automotive Components (Tianjin) Co., Ltd. With this new investment, BENTELER would be able to cater local consumer demands and further strengthen its market footprint in the growing Asia-Pacific landscape.

Similar investments were made by another automotive exhaust manifold producer, Eberspaecher Exhaust Technology International GmbH, who entered into a joint venture agreement with China Yuchai International Limited, to form a new firm called Eberspaecher Yuchai Exhaust Technology Co. Ltd. that would focus on production and sale of exhaust emission control systems, which would be used in commercial vehicles of China.

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