Copier paper is a light-weight paper that is used for writing, copying, or printing in commercial as well as consumer applications. Copier paper is an uncoated free sheet grade which could be used even in place of printing paper. Copier paper is obtained from virgin and recycled pulp. Recycle pulp is greatly used for obtaining copier paper by leading copier paper manufacturers such as Nippon Paper, Nine Dragons Paper, and Domtar Corporation. There are several developments witnessed in the copier paper landscape, where companies are eyeing on opportunities created by the developing countries.

Copier Paper Vendors Bolstering the Potential Held by the Asian Market

The Asian market has witnessed significant demand for copier paper, owing to which the region is expected to reflect tremendous opportunities over time. Leading manufacturers are leveraging the potential of the region to further strengthen their market presence and gain a significant competitive edge over players. JK Paper Ltd is recognized as a leading copier paper company in the Indian market, which has invested a significant amount of the purpose of expanding production capacity and reducing energy and water utilization. The company has also carried out green initiatives in India that strive to bring students and educational institutions together, for the discussions regarding tree plantation and approach and eco-friendly solutions.

Demand for Eco-friendly Products to Trigger New Investments

Sustainability requirements are expected to bring several transformations in several sectors. The increasing environmental concerns and the need for eco-friendly product offerings are expected to propel new investments by leading copier paper providers. Moreover, copier paper companies are focusing on achieving greater competitiveness over other copier paper makers, thereby fueling new strategic developments.

For instance, the Trident Group Limited Company, a recognized Indian firm with diverse business groups, is all set to invest an amount of nearly 100-200 million dollars in Ethiopia. The investment is aimed at producing an eco-friendly copier paper, the Trident Copier and Writing Paper. The company helps save more than 1.5 million trees annually, by producing eco-friendly paper. Such developments are expected to bring several transformations in the global copier paper landscape.

Burgeoning Initiatives in India to Boost Domestic Paper Landscape

The paper industry in India is expected profit from the latest initiatives carried out in India with respect to the imported uncoated copier paper. The leading uncoated copier paper market players in the nations filed an application against the dumping of uncoated copier paper from countries including Thailand, Indonesia, and Singapore are having an impact on domestic business. The Indian Government imposed anti-dumping duty on the uncoated copier paper imported from these countries. This move would protect the domestic copier paper market players against cheaper imports.

Such developments are expected to offer several opportunities to the copier paper providers in the country, and further contribute to strengthening the Asian copier paper market.

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