Despite looking similar to off-road mobility vehicles, ride-on mowers are one amongst the most aspiring bits of technology. At present, many ride-on mower utilize petrol-driven engines, whereas some are comparatively powerful than others, which in turn makes the customers prioritize on horsepower specifications as well. They offer unrivalled visibility while dealing with the tricky edges and tight curves. In addition, effective and sustainable environment practices are raising the demand of electric ride-on mower, thereby offering energy efficiency and saving in fuel costs.

New Ride-On Flail Mower Optimizing Tasks at Steep Terrains

AS-Motor Germany GmbH & Co. KG recently launched an all-new ride-on flail mower – AS 1040 Yak 4WD, a combination of cutting-edge performance of flail mower along with comfort and climbing ability of AS 4WD ride-on mower. The all-new AS 1040 Yak mulches intense growth on the demanding terrain. The unique ride-on mower consists of compact design that offers stability on the slopes as well as in difficult terrain, whereas the flail mowing technology provides exclusive cutting force along with clean mowing results during high work rates. This new ride-on mower is highly beneficial for optimizing tasks at steep road embankments. With the combination of elements of hand-operated AS 940 Sherpa 4WD ride-on mower and AS 901 flail mower, AS-Motor has developed AS 1040 Yak 4WD, which proves as an ideal tool for catering to the demands of difficult terrains.

New Fire-Spitting Ride-On Lawn Mower Displays Carbon-Fiber Blades

A modified lawn mower named Mean Mower V2, recently witnessed integration of 999-cc four-cylinder by means of Fireblade SP motorcycle – Honda CBR1000RR. With this, Mean Mower V2 holds 190 horsepower to 60 hp, turning out to be a firecracker launched till date. This exclusive ride-on mower has two batteries that powers electric motors, spinning carbon-fiber blades. Shifts of the ride-on lawn mower are controlled by the carbon-fiber paddles on steering wheel, by reaching nearly 90 mph in the first gear. Chassis of Mean Mower V2 is made up of T45 steel for flexibility and durability.

All-New and Innovative Electric Riding Mower Charges Up With Just an LED Flash

Troy-BiltĀ®, manufacturer of outdoor lawn care and power equipment in America has lately developed the first ride-on mower powered by lithium-ion battery. The new development is likely to over-power the other all-electric lawn mowers developed so far. The all-new Troy-Bilt TB30 E functions whisper quiet and also emits zero greenhouse gases. TB30 E only requires 4-6hours to get charged while the others require 10-12hours and it wields just one blade, by chopping grass into sections over 30inches wide. Before a recharge, it functions for nearly an hour that is good enough for covering an acre. The new ride-on mower is compact in size and comprises of LED headlights along with USB ports for charging phones as well as various other gadgets.

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