Consumer pressure for the marketers with regards to reducing amount of plastic entering the waste stream has never got better. However, the CPG firms are taking immense efforts in protecting and differentiating their products in this competitive retail environment. Molded fiber packaging has been witnessing considerable demand as it is biodegradable, recyclable and compostable. The trending green technology utilizes a propriety blend of natural and renewable fibers for producing custom packaging solutions, which can be molded in various shapes with increasing applications in specialty foods, cosmetics and personal care products amongst others.

Strategic Acquisitions Enhance Pulp Molding Machines Production

Cascades Inc., company operating in the pulp molding machines landscape in U.S has taken up immense efforts in multiplying its production capacity regarding ecological packaging produced in the moulded pulp. Cascades Inc. recently acquired Clarion Packaging and Urban Forest Products that are located in Clarion, Indiana and Brook. These plants exclusively manufactured moulded pulp protective packaging, which primarily serves the eggs as well as quick service restaurant industries. In addition, Cascades Inc. has also acquired maximum share in the Falcon Packaging, leader in distributing egg packaging. Most of all, this company is prioritizing on manufacturing and recovery of the green packaging as well as tissue products, which in turn dives-in immense demand supply of pulp molding machines.

Food Retailers in UK Adopting Eco-Friendly Packaging

Eliminating avoidable plastic packaging wastes has turned out to be one amongst the hottest subjects for UK food producers today. Food retailers in UK are taking immense efforts in adopting eco-friendly packaging methods thereby reducing the plastic packaging waste. There has been development of certain techniques in which can develop ‘go green’ packaging technology:

  • Manufacturers can replace the plastic packaging with eco-friendly and sustainable materials such as pulp trays and foam amorphous poly ethylene terephthalate (APET). Foam APET is recyclable and is produced from the recycled materials. Pulp trays are highly suitable for tray sealers.

Fiber Pulp Packaging to Promote Green Culture

With environmental consciousness, high-end look can also be attained with growing adoption of fiber pulp packaging. It is produced with the help of 100% pre-consumed materials such as cardboard and is also utilized for packaging of the premium food products. Fiber pulp packaging has been witnessed extremely popular in the Nordic markets where the green and environmental cultures are well developed. However, with growing customers in developing regions adopting healthy as well as environmentally conscious lifestyles, customers are also willing to pay premium prices for the sustainable packaging solutions. Fiber pulp is considered as an ideal choice for ready-to-cook meals and can also be transformed into trays, which have sealed compartments.

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