Plastic pollution has been surpassing disaster levels in world’s oceans, where several cities such as Seattle are taking immense efforts in legislating ban on single-use plastic straws.

Development of Biodegradable Disposable Cutlery to Maintain Environmental Sustainability

The IRCTC (Indian Railways Catering and Tourism Corporation) recently launched biodegradable disposable cutlery on eight Rajdhani and Shatabdi trains, considering it as a minor effort in commemorating World Environment Day. The company is planning to use bagasse, fibrous remains of sugarcane juice, for making biodegradable disposable cutlery as well as containers, in order to serve meals in the long-run. Provisions has been made for collecting used packaging that would be processed later for disposal by means of composting, in order to safeguard environmental sustainability.

All-New Product Designs to Maximize Product Visibility

D&W Fine Pack LLC has planned for expanding its TamperSmart™ brand packaging line for increasing the production of products with exclusive tamper-evident features. SecureTab™ product line is the new addition, offering grocery stores and foodservice operations with further options in ‘on-the-go’ food applications. Along with SecureTab™, the packaging line also witnesses addition of VersaLock® and FreshServe® lids and containers. Each product range delivers easy-close and easy-open inline security tabs, which helps in maintaining freshness of the food along with its integrity, thereby boosting consumer confidence.

A rib-free and crystal-clear design helps in maximizing product visibility as well as enables easy applications of the custom labels on the smooth sidewalls. The highly-effective sturdy lids and inline tabs offer optimal stacking on the shelves. In addition, TamperSmart™ lids and containers are made up of recyclable PET resins along with the tabs that remain attached to packaging even after opening.

The all-new SecureTab™ and FreshServe® feature non-detachable and instructional pull tabs. All these tabs helps the consumers in quickly detecting regarding the reliability of the product. According to Senior Vice President of D&W Fine Pack LLC in marketing and sales, Keith Dunlap, constant growth in the on-the-go food sector together with shift in preparation and distribution methods are leading to increased demand for convenience food and innovative packaging. Most of all, the TamperSmart™ packaging enables in maintaining dry and cold food fresh, appetizing and intact, thereby supporting in expansion of customer-base.

Food Service Firms to Adopt Eco-Friendly Materials in Seattle

Seattle is recognized as the biggest city for cracking down usage of the single-use products consisting of plastics. Lately, the city declared ban on cocktail picks, utensils and plastic straws at each food service businesses that is inclusive of institutional cafeterias, food trucks, coffee shops, delis, grocery stores and restaurants. The city-wide ban states that the food service firms must opt for utensils and straws made up of eco-friendly materials. Compliant options are inclusive of compostable cocktail picks, straws and utensils. Utensils banned are inclusive of disposable cutleries.

Several cities and businesses are taking immense efforts in reducing negative impact on environment by means of ban on the single-use straws. According to city sources, disposable cutlery such as straws are expected to contribute towards marine water pollution on a major basis. The new ban on disposable cutlery in Seattle, especially utensils and plastic straws follows various other efforts taken up by the city in reducing the amount of waste product release.

EC Ban on Single-Use Products in a Bid to Reduce Plastic Pollution

EC (European Commission) is planning to ban on single-use plastic products including cotton buds, cutlery and straws, in order to clean the oceans. EC is planning to ban significant amount of items that make upto nearly 70% of the entire litter in the EU (European Union) beaches and waters. The main aim behind this development is to ban plastic products, in order to make the plastic produces bear waste management costs and cleanup efforts. Innovative and redesigning of products along with development of environmental friendly disposable cutlery products such as plastic drink stirrers and plates are likely to gain traction in Europe in the forthcoming years.

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