A key protein in blood plasma, prothrombin plays the crucial role of generating active thrombin in the blood when coagulation is required. At present, manufacturers are increasing their focus on building up infrastructure for collecting and storing plasma, to reduce the cost of operations, and meet the increasing needs of anticoagulation therapy, that is gaining popularity among geriatrics.

As per a recent study by Future Market Insights on the global prothrombin complex concentrates market, the rising demand for highly optimized healthcare, and overall sustainability has generated a wide variety of lucrative growth opportunities for manufacturers on a global scale. Moreover, such companies have joined hands with local retailers and distributors to boost the reach of prothrombin complex concentrates in the field of medicine and healthcare.

Efficient, Cost-effective Warfarin Reversal Process with Prothrombin Concentrates

In most cases, the process of reversing anticoagulation of blood is needed before setting up for major surgeries such as hip or knee replacement. The rising prevalence and popularity of anticoagulation therapy can be witnessed, especially for geriatric patients.

For an effective reversal process of warfarin, health care professionals choose from FFP, Vitamin K administration, Warfarin withdrawal, and PCC, of which PCC was generally observed to be the most cost effective alternative as it significantly reduces the duration of the hospital stay and also reduces on laboratory costs.

Even so, the direct costs of healthcare including that of drug and hospital procedures in developed countries ranges somewhere near the US$ 400,000 mark for Prothrombin complex concentrates. While on the other hand, the cost ranges nears US$ 1,200,000 for correctly conducting warfarin withdrawal therapy.

Prothrombin complex concentrates display superlative efficacy in generating the optimal ratios for International Normalized Ratios (INR) immediately after the administration process. The use of prothrombin complex concentrates, eliminate the need for using a specific blood type for the health tests. Moreover, prothrombin complex concentrates are made inactive through the use of viral activity and allows the administration of short-term infusions, while simultaneously eliminating the risk of volume overload.

Recovery and Administrative Benefits Create Demand for Prothrombin

In numerous cases, human plasma is used as a comparable alternative to prothrombin complex concentrates in anticoagulation processes. While on one hand, the incidences of thrombotic complications arising from the use of human plasma is very rare, on the other there are some big disadvantages posed by utilizing human plasma or other alternatives instead of using prothrombin complex concentrates.

For example, the use of prothrombin complex concentrates significantly reduces the time that is taken to achieve a state of homeostasis in comparison to the results from using human plasma. Moreover, the use of prothrombin complex concentrates eliminates the need for compatibility testing prior to the administration of alternative drugs.

Usually, the processes of preparing and administering alternative drugs or human plasma can take up to 2 hours. In comparison, prothrombin complex concentrates take virtually no time to administer. Moreover, prothrombin concentrates are provided to patients in small doses, to negate adverse effects during the rapid reversal process of anticoagulation.

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