Security labels find extensive applications in the development and implementation of packaging solutions to make sure that product deliveries maintain authenticity and prevents pilferage. Security labels help in safeguarding the packed product from threats of counterfeit and losses during transportation resulting from pilferage. They can be used on a wide variety of Items such as jars, bottles, pouches, and boxes, among others.

Security labels can be produced using different materials including plastic, foil, and paper, depending on the purpose, and importance of the product that needs to be safeguarded. Boxes & cartons are the key end use products for applying security labels.

RFID Labels Replace Conventional Alternatives

As per a recent study by Future Market Insights on the worldwide security labels market, the medicine and healthcare sectors make heavy use of security labels, RFID labels and tags in particular. RFID labels provide advanced functionality to users such as medication control, patient tracking, and surgery management among others. In addition, the growing concerns about label tampering and counterfeiting, has significantly boosted the demand for security labels with advanced features.

Pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturers are also displaying increased concern about the protection of brand image. Modern security labels have enabled significant improvements in drug safety without greatly increasing the cost of operations.

Increasingly strict government imposed regulations on food packaging are encouraging manufacturers to identify and use new and improved methods that ensure easy recognition of tamper-evidence. This has led to greater demand of security labels in the packaging sector of the food & beverage industry.

Furthermore, some users have started to use RFID labels in combination with quality sensors, to monitor the freshness of packaged food. This has boosted the scope of use for security labels in fresh foods in addition to meat packaging businesses.

Manufacturers Focus on Tech Innovations to Meet New Challenges

As the threats of counterfeiting and pilfering get more sophisticated to circumvent new security measures, security label manufacturers are increasingly customizing their products to meet specific security requirements of different products.

For example, Label Innovation Inc. designed specialized breathable security labels for windows solution providers, to prevent the buildup of condensation in multi-pane window setups, through the use of innovative air deflection working principle that enables the right configuration for optimal airflow.

Similarly, California based Identiv Inc., released its new range of tamper proof RFID security labels in mid-2018 aimed towards the enhancement of brand protection and the prevention of counterfeiting. The product makes use of a modern aluminum etched antenna that is combined with a tamper-proof release coating. This guarantees the destruction of the antenna when the label is torn, without any possibility of reassembly, or reapplication.

Covectra Inc. has also developed its range of barcode security stickers that make use of 3D visual references that can be authenticated using smart technologies of simple mobile devices, for strong yet simple protection.

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