Growing focus on the development of 5G network-based devices with rapid increase in adoption of the wireless networking benefitting in-building communication systems is expected to significantly dive-in production opportunities for manufacturers in the RF testers market. Modular RF testers are witnessing significant demand as they hold the ability for managing and analyzing larger datasets in real-time along with high-precision performance. With rapidly increasing demand from consumer electronics, defense and aerospace sectors, for satellite signal testing, transformation in demand supply of RF testers is likely to take place in the forthcoming years.

Innovative RF Testers to Stimulate Development of 5G Smartphones

OPPO is planning to introduce its 5G smartphone by 2019 by availing 5G NR (New Radio) network emulation solutions of Keysight Technologies, manufacturer of electronic test and software and measurement equipment in US. The new RF testers are utilized for protocol and RF performance evaluation in the sub- 6GHz frequency bands. The china-based manufacturer avails 5G RF testers for accelerating development of the company’s 5G smartphones, thereby catering to their go-to-market aims. The RF testers help in establishing 5G video calls, completing data connections and 5G signaling based on the company’s commercially available cell-phone. The all-new RF testers support both mmWave frequencies and sub-6GHz for OTA (over-the-air) and conducted testing.

New RF Testers to Enhance Aircraft Satellite Signal Testing

Foxcom, producer of advanced RF over the Fiber Solutions for military, government and commercial markets has recently developed an all-new Hangar Repeater Solution beneficial for the indoor satellite testing. The new RF testers will enable 24/7 avionics testing of the GPS satellite signals, Iridium and Inmarsat while the aircrafts are indoors. The new RF testers offers communication inside the buildings without any need for direct line of the sight towards sky. The new RF testers provides rapid returns on investments by decreasing AOG (Aircraft on Ground) time as well as costs for the overall maintenance, heating and cooling as well as fuel. Most of all, the new RF testers enables testing of multiple satellite signals for re-transmission and distribution throughout the hangar to multiple locations.

Heavy Investments for Enhancing Capabilities of RF Testers

Element Materials Technology Ltd. Company, manufactures wide-ranging materials and product qualification testing in US, lately announced regarding heavy investments at its European Hull Radio and Telecommunications Testing Center of Technical Excellence for the purpose of enhancing RF testing capabilities by over one third. The RF testers company is making the heavy investment for catering to the emerging needs related to radio testing for the wireless products. The RF testers company has expanded its services with additional RF testing semi-anechoic chamber. Most of all, enhancement of capabilities will help the RF testers company in reducing test and lead times for the customers, thereby ensuring their go-to-market need and saving money and time.

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