Manufacturers of industrial cleaners are focusing on developing products that reduces impact on environment. Growing awareness with regards to hygiene and cleanliness in commercial sectors, and demand for multi-purpose cleaning products are witnessed in the industrial cleaners market across the globe. Well-publicized outbreaks such as Zika virus, swine flu and Ebola virus spreads rapidly across the globalized world, is driving demand for sanitizers and disinfectants. Regulatory authorities are taking immense efforts in strictly monitoring measures that are taken by the industries for controlling pollution under the given limits.

New Industrial Cleaners with Powerful Electric Drive Enhances Heavy-Duty Performance

Aussie Pumps, Australian Industrial equipment supplier lately introduced Super Scud, an exclusive stainless steel industrial cleaner, added to the industrial pressure cleaners range. The all-new industrial cleaners is integrated with powerful electric drive Monsoon 300 – 3000 PSI Super Scud. The three-phase-industrial cleaners features ergonomic stainless steel frame that is sharp free and is attached with four steel wheels of the off-road style along with the flat free tyres. Elimination of sharp edges from the new industrial cleaners design frame caters to the standards of OHS (occupational health and safety) program. Industrial applications demanding faster and continuous cleaning including machinery wash-down and wash bays are expected to surge demand for the new industrial cleaners.

Innovative Industrial Cleaners to Serve As Water-Saving Solution

NitraLife, leading nitrogen generation pioneer in Johannesburg, South Africa together with its long-time associate, Boland Dry Ice, manufacturer of dry ice and wet ice in South Africa recently launched an exclusive wet ice blasting technology. The innovative technology for industrial cleaners offers water-saving option along with environment-friendly and cost-effective solutions. Acute and ongoing water shortages in South Africa is catered with the exclusive water-saving capability of the new technology and would turn out to be a game-changer in the industrial cleaners sector. Coulson wet ice blasting system for industrial cleaners help in effective suppression of airborne contaminants. In particular, the exclusive technology for industrial cleaners is highly beneficial in surfaces that have cleaning surfaces formally painted with the lead-containing paints.

Smart Robots Emerge as Future for Industrial Cleaners

Singapore’s Gaussian Robotics (pioneering brand in the autonomous cleaning robotics) WIS Holdings (offers sustainable solutions for all facilities and cleaning services), and JTC (real estate company), jointly developed Scrub 50, a fully autonomous cleaning robot offering industrial cleaners solution to labor crunch in cleaning industry caused by the ageing workforce. The all-new industrial cleaners clean the given area far more quickly and thoroughly compared to average industrial cleaners. The new robot takes only 130hours to complete the 300hours work done by humans. The advanced industrial cleaners also sense themselves when in need of clean water supply and battery charge. Without any human intervention, they direct themselves to docking station where it boosts itself, cleans its tanks as well as refills its water. In the long run, the waste management sectors are likely to increase the demand for robotic industrial cleaners such as Scrub 50.

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