Construction material testers are used for identifying defects and discontinuity in the components and materials. The construction material testers are mainly utilized for soils, steel, asphalt, aggregate, cement and concrete. Companies availing construction material testers have increased at a considerable pace for improving processes, reducing waste and limiting liability. Rising infrastructure failures and growing demand for effective operations and safety assurance and extending life of the obsolete infrastructure further drives production of construction material testers. Moreover, increasing number of smart cities and infrastructural developments majorly contribute towards surging production of construction material testers.

Two New Construction Material Testers to Benefit Road Surfaces and Concrete Structures

In US, Dynatest, global leader in the computer software programs and pavement equipment recently introduced a new method for recording and measuring state of pavements with the help of machines that travel simultaneously with the traffic speed. Smaller municipalities are likely to increase the usage of these two construction material testers in the long run.

  • Raptor (Rapid Pavement Tester): This construction material tester provides road owners with the opportunities related to comprehensive surveys without any need for disrupting traffic. The new construction material testers uses laser-based system.
  • FWD (falling weight deflectometer): This construction material tester is a trusted and tried method for measuring bearing capacity of pavements. However, it needs testing vehicles to stop at each measurement point that can lead to road closures as well.

New Hardness Construction Material Testers Offers Accurate On-Site Measurements

Berg Engineering & Sales Co., Inc., manufacturer of material and non-destructive testing equipment in Rolling Meadows, Illinois, US recently initiated sales of SonoDur2, advanced model of the digital UCI hardness construction material testers. The new construction material testers offers larger probe base, with high durability and data logging going hand in hand with the existing Windows software as well as automatic software updates. Developed by NewSonic, the all-new construction material tester uses motorized and manual probes along with test forces for offering precise and quick on-site measurements of the metals from steel to aluminum. With its lightweight portability, repeatable and straightforward results, the all-new construction material testers ensures reliability and accuracy of all the material testing.

Development of New Construction Material Testers to Assess Risks of High-Rise Buildings

NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) in US recently developed EFFECT™, for helping the building authorities, managers and owners in reducing fire risks related to the high-rise buildings. Growing need for prioritizing and assessing remediation works has highly influenced NFPA towards the development of exclusive construction material testers. EFFECT™ helps in proactively assessing risks in high-rise building inventories with combustible facades. This construction material tester produces results displaying risks score of every major area including escape routes, alarm system, ignition risk, cladding and insulation.

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