The advent of underwater activities and the burgeoning use of light for enhancing the experience underwater have collectively boosted the consumer demand for underwater light. Moreover, the increasing underwater sports activities, underwater examinations, defense programs, and other such factors are increasing fostering the demand growth for underwater light. Owing to these variable and distinct underwater requirements underwater light manufacturers are making use of next-generation technology to produce versatile underwater light solutions that not only deliver high-level functionality but also provide enhanced durability. The underwater light solutions are further improved with their integration with several accessories such as cameras, drones, and others.

Newly Launched Underwater Light to Lighten Ponds and Fountains

Along with the marine sector requirements, the non-marine sector is also creating vast demands. The aesthetics play a major role in the modern lifestyle where consumers demand effective lighting solutions that add zest to their ponds, pools, or fountains. Owing to this, various companies manufacturing underwater light market innovate in their product offerings. WAC Landscape Lighting, for instance, a leading provider of ground-breaking lightening and underwater light solutions, introduced a new LED Underwater Spot, which is designed for wet environments including fountains, ponds, and others with up to three feet underwater depth. The cast brass construction and continuous underwater immersion of the new underwater light is factory sealed as a watertight luminaire which delivers longer durability.

Innovative Next-Gen Flexibility to Attract Consumer Attention

While there are several underwater light solutions available in the market, companies are constantly working towards differentiating in the product portfolio to attract consumer attention while offering state-of-the-art solutions that cater to the futuristic demands. Two such future requirements are lightweight design and flexibility. The constant efforts of light manufacturers revolve around reducing the weight of the product while delivering effective light. Similar developments were carried out by the Korean lighting company, Profound that aimed at raising the capabilities of flexible panel lighting to a higher level, with their new product. The new ultra-thin flexible lights called ProFlex are LED lights that are thin enough to be foldable and portable. Above all, these next-generation lights can be completely submerged in water, thereby opening new opportunistic avenues for the underwater light landscape.

New Photo-Video Underwater Light for Effective Underwater Application

As the application-specific needs are resulting in the integration of underwater light with other accessories such as video recorders and cameras, companies are enhancing their portfolio to cater to these needs. For instance, SeaLife, a company offering easy and effective solutions for capturing underwater pictures in a simplified manner, recently introduced a new product for the same purpose in a more effective way. A new type of underwater light by SeaLife, the Sea Dragon 3000 Lumen Auto Underwater Photo-Video Light is claimed to be the most powerful product in that size class. The product features include auto brightness, red LED’s for night diving, and a flash detect. The Sea Dragon 3000 Lumen delivers 3,000 lumens that provide 300 lumens with a wide beam angle of 90 degrees underwater.

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