With the vast advancements reflected by the automotive sector, high-level efficiency and productivity in the automotive application are far more achievable. As the automotive turbochargers help in increasing the power output of the automotive engines by enabling increased air intake to the powertrain’s combustion chamber, automotive turbochargers are gaining major significance over time. Furthermore, automotive turbochargers are both efficient and eco-friendly owing to their capability of increasing engine power without the increase in piston displacement. In addition, the companies operating in the automotive turbochargers landscape are focusing on achieving greater fuel economy, emission control, and downsizing of automotive engines.

Compliance to Stringent Emission Laws to Remain a Crucial Factor

The stringent regulations pertaining to the emission of gases levied on automotive vehicles have been augmenting the growth of the automotive turbochargers landscape. The substantial transformations in regulatory laws in developed nations are expected to influence future developments in the automotive turbochargers landscape. The California Air Resources Board (CARB), the emission regulator in both aftermarket and OEM avenues, issued an Executive Order that stated the turbocharging of all forms on gasoline engines will be considered as non-compliant to the stringent emission laws of the state. These orders that will be coming in effect from April 1, 2019, are not just applicable for aftermarket automotive turbochargers but also OEM automotive turbochargers. With the evolutions reflected by modern automotive turbochargers owing to the technological advancements, the OEM and aftermarket automotive turbochargers would now be able to make compliance with these emission regulations, while not compromising on producing immense power and boosting the driving experience.

New Automotive Turbochargers Exhibit Quick Response Time

There is an increasing deployment of automotive turbochargers in the gasoline engines, which has created major demand for the product. Furthermore, the proliferating technological developments with respect to boosting the engine performance have given rise to new innovations. BorgWarner, an automotive component manufacturer, backed with its expertise in engine boosting technology, developed a dual volute turbocharger that is well-designed to deliver quick-response time for light-duty vehicles that require exceptional transient behavior.

While this new addition to the automotive turbochargers portfolio of BorgWarner is expected to help the company expand its future capabilities, the company has also introduced the new EFR Series automotive turbochargers that are designed to address the high-power needs and recognized for its performance and reliability, owing to the combination of enhanced technologies. The company has reflected a major focus on enhancing its capabilities of these automotive turbochargers to cater to the ever-growing automotive landscape.

Manufacturers Aim at Addressing Improved Efficiency Requirements

Manufacturers of automotive turbochargers are focused on addressing the demand for fuel and engine efficiency created by the automotive domain. On account of this, leading companies producing automotive turbochargers are bringing new innovations. Cummins Turbo Technologies, a company focused on producing medium to heavy-duty diesel engine automotive turbochargers, has brought effective innovations to boost the efficiency and performance of the commercial heavy-duty wastegate turbochargers. The company has utilized a revolutionary approach that has resulted in the enhancing the efficiency of automotive turbochargers to about 6 percent and the fuel efficiency to 1.5 percent. While innovating on the offerings of automotive turbochargers, the company aimed several developments on the turbocharger turbine, including mixed flow turbocharger, improvements on the compressors, and the turbocharger diffuser.

Apart from staying in compliance with the regulatory norms, the manufacturers of automotive turbochargers also aim at leveraging the opportunities slated by the automotive turbochargers landscape. To know more about the strategic developments carried out by leading providers, click here.

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