Tubular motors are designed to cater application-specific and they are rectangular or tubular in design. Tubular motors find their application in various sectors and are commonly used for carrying out window and door movements in the household as well as commercial setup. Tubular motors enable gentle and precise movement of these devices, as they consist of electric drives and soft brake, making it possible to integrate slow speed, mainly required for softer movements of blinds. Tubular motors further ensure less noise development and protect the closing of windows and doors. Apart from these, the tubular motors play a crucial role in the functioning of projection screens and exterior screens and blinds.

Reducing Energy Costs with the Deployment of Tubular Motors

Modern-day customers are opting for highly efficient tubular motors that ensure better productivity and offer long-term performance. Companies operating in the tubular motors landscape are continually focusing on delivering high-efficiency tubular motors. Similar efforts were taken by ANCA Motion, the designer and manufacturer of flexible control systems and a specialist in high precision solutions for CNC machines, recently introduced new tubular motors for CNC applications. The new LinX M-series linear motor is an all new addition in the tubular motors landscape. This product is highly energy efficient and provider high-precision for CNC applications. According to the company, using linear tubular motors in place of pneumatic cylinder helps in cutting energy costs, thereby helping end-user to achieve a shorter payback period.

New Tubular Motors Boost State-of-the-Art Automation in Exterior Screens

With the advent of smart technology and automation in modern infrastructures has majorly boosted the demand for window screens. Sophisticated homes and business buildings are increasingly adopting these automated screens to attain resistance to wind, minimize light penetration, and other such needs. The use of tubular motors is significantly rising for the operations related to exterior screens. Owing to this, manufacturers focus on developing new solutions that address the demand growth. A globally recognized manufacturer of tubular motors for their application in the interior as well as exterior window coverings, Somfy Systems, Inc., introduced a new motor that acts as a smart solution for exterior screens. The new motor in the tubular motors market, Maestria 50 RTS motor, comes with an easy installation, offering high-end functionalities for zip screens that include automatic adjustment and obstacle detection.

Precision and Dynamics to Remain a Crucial Factor for Consumers

Apart from household space, the tubular motors are an effective solution in other sectors too. Sectors such as packaging demand solutions that deliver state-of-the-art precision and skills to suit the tedious process, while still delivering great performance. Companies find this as a great opportunity for expanding their portfolio.

An automation technology manufacture, Beckoff unveiled its new ironless tubular motor, AA2518, which is an innovative motor that is capable of performing exceptionally smooth translatory movements, without having the need to deploy any mechanical component.  This product meets the highest dynamics and precision requirements, ideally applicable in machine tool sector or packaging industry.

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