Oral diseases are getting more common across the globe, affecting people throughout their lifetime. The need for effective oral care is becoming a crucial requirement for customers, with the increasing awareness pertaining to dental hygiene. Customers are opting for an improved dental hygiene device that ensures better cleanliness or the gums and teeth. Moreover, with the prevalence of next-generation technology being incorporated in the dental hygiene device market, the consumers are offered several choices to choose from. Key market trends are expected to shape the future of the dental hygiene device market, by influencing market competitors to revolutionize and enhance their product portfolio.

State-of-the-art Hands-free Brushes to Transform the Conventional Brushing Experience

Hands-free solutions are attracting major attention in recent times. The need for convenient and time-saving solutions has triggered various developments in the dental hygiene device market. Moreover, the demand for cleaning teeth rapidly has driven the development of revolutionary solutions that offer effective cleaning in a couple of seconds. Amongst all these innovations, the hands-free brushes have brought a next-generation transformation in the way consumers brush, giving them an all-new brushing experience.

Working in line with this, the dental hygiene device market has witnessed hands-free brushes that enable cleaning the teeth in less than a minute. Amabrush, for instance, was designed to reduce the brushing time to mere 10 seconds. This hands-free dental hygiene device is designed to improve the brushing experience and ensure better cleanliness which may possibly lack when using manual toothbrushes.

Smart Toothbrushes to Foster Revenue Growth

The advent of cutting-edge technology in several sectors is greatly witnessed across the globe. The burgeoning incorporation of technology in enhancing dental hygiene device performance has given rise to novel innovations in the market. Smart technology being one of them has significantly influenced the dental hygiene device market with new electric toothbrushes designed with the sensor integration.

For instance, Oral-B a recognized provider of dental and oral hygiene products, introduced a smart toothbrush, the Genius 8000 electric toothbrush that connects to the Oral-B smartphone application through the Bluetooth technology, offering customers with real-time feedback about brushing habits. This revolutionary product includes an advanced Position Detection technology for complete coverage, thereby ensuring high-level dental cleaning. The visual feedback on brushing time, brushing pressure and selected mode, further enhances the brushing experience.

New Training Facility by a Prominent Player

Apart from revolutionizing product portfolio, players are also engaging in extending training facilities for dentists. For instance, Dentsply Sirona Inc., opened a new training facility in Charlotte, US, which would function as a multi-purpose training facility, illustrating the most advanced dental product solutions.

With innovations flooding the dental hygiene device market, the demand for a dental hygiene device is projected to register a substantial rise, as stated in the comprehensive dental hygiene device market study presented by Future Market Insights. The detailed evaluation of major market segments, regional assessment and statistical overview of the dental hygiene device market provide a detailed glance to the reader.

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