Box and carton overwrap films are used for wrapping several packaging boxes and cartons including cosmetics, food product boxes, tobacco, and pharmaceuticals. These box and carton overwrap films provide protection from external factors, keeping the products safe. Manufacturers are focusing on leading industry trends and transformations to deliver the right products to the box and carton overwrap films market.

Food Industry to Create Burgeoning Demand

The food industry has showcased scaling demand for box and carton overwrap films. Manufacturers of box and carton overwrap films are eyeing on opportunities in the food sector, with the increasing supply of packaged food products and prevalence of on-the-go food packaging. This has given rise to the demand for secondary packaging solutions such as box and carton overwrap films. Owing to this, the players in the box and carton overwrap films market are carrying out strategic activities to leverage the potential in the food and beverage market.

For instance, Transcendia Inc., a recognized competitor in the box and carton overwrap films market and leading provider of custom engineered materials, completed the acquisition of a custom manufacturer of films and flexible packaging, Precision Poly LLC. With this acquisition, Transcendia aims to broaden its expertise in material science and technology platform in engineering and active packaging films for application in the food and beverage market.

Manufacturers to Offer Biodegradable Overwrap Film Alternatives

The globe has witnessed various transformations with respect to fulfilling sustainable packaging goals. The demand for biodegradable products has influenced several markets including the box and carton overwrap films market. Apart from materials such as polyvinyl chloride (PVC), polyethylene terephthalate (PET), polyethylene (PE), and others, companies are looking forward to utilizing biodegradable and environmentally friendly materials, thereby reducing the carbon footprint. Bio-plastics are gaining traction with the increasing demand for environmentally safe materials.

New Solutions Catering to Several Requirements

With an aim to maintain the freshness of food products while extending their shelf life, food manufacturers are opting for high-performance packaging solutions that ensure the safety and freshness of food products remains intact. In line with this, new solutions for secondary packaging are being introduced in the market. For instance, ACMA, a company designing, developing, and marketing fast-moving consumer goods packaging solutions introduced a new solution for the secondary packaging of tea bags. The solutions include an effective packaging of micro-boxes consisting of ten units and bag-in-bags, that ensure the freshness remains intact and provide an extended shelf life of the product.

Various such developments are being witnessed in the box and carton overwrap films market, most of which are included in an extensive market study published by the expert team at Future Market Insights. The in-depth evaluation of the crucial box and carton overwrap films market segments and the extensive regional assessment enables the reader to gain a holistic understanding of the market. Moreover, the key developments carried out by the market players aids in effective business decision making.

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