Newly Launched Product with Real Citrus Flavours to Trend as Summertime Refreshment

Anheuser-Busch InBev, multinational brewing and drink Holdings Company recently introduced an orange flavor to its beer category of Bud Light in US, aiming at profit margins with the newly flavoured lagers. This new launch coincides with the advanced packaging created for the Bud Light lime. According to sources from the company, citrus flavours have been accounting for nearly 85% of the total flavoured beer category in US. Both various integrate real citrus peels in the brewing process. In order to develop further interest of the customer-base, new commercials of Bud Light, ‘taste it’ and ‘earth’ highlights the brewing process and the new citrus flavours beer is targeted towards the perfect summertime refreshment.

The new colorful packs for Bud Light orange and Bud Light lime features bright orange as well as lime details along with accents of the real citrus peels. The notable point, flavoured beer is witnessing steady growth amongst consumers looking for high-quality beverages with natural and real flavours. According to sources from the company, Bud Light orange and Bud Light lime caters to the growing demand from the consumer-base and reinforces commitment of Bud Light to quality consumers.

New Citrus Flavours Burst Product Expanding Italian Malfy Gin Portfolio

Italian Biggar & Leith’s Malfy Gin product portfolio witnesses addition of Con Arancia that has been distilled with the Sicilian blood oranges. The new product is an addition in line with Malfy Gin Originale and Malfy Gin Con Limone. Con Arancia is exclusively packaged in frosted bottle that is adorned with nearly five rings, thereby signifying orange peel ingredient. Italian juniper and Sicilian blood orange peels are infused in the Italian grain spirit along with coriander, orris root, angelica root, grapefruit peel, and lemon peel. The ultimate result is an exclusive vibrant gin together with the zesty, citrus notes.

The new product consists of complete burst of the citrus flavours. According to owner and founder of the Biggar & Leith, Elwyn Gladstone, the new product release is basically a response to the particular interest of UK in experimenting and discovering with the Italian produce and culture.

Citrus Vodka to Benefit Health-Conscious Consumers

Citrus flavoured vodka is witnessing significant demand indicated by Amazon Spain and in the forthcoming years will be distributed in UK by means of Interbev. Citrus flavoured vodka is mainly developed targeting the health-conscious consumers that are looking for less-alcohol intake options, claiming to be gluten-free and sugar-free as well. Vodka consumption is likely to be 15times more in UK compared to Spain and British are highly health-conscious, thereby stimulating the demand supply of citrus vodka in the region.

A recent study by Future Market Insights on citrus flavours market indicates, rapid increase in new-range of the citrus flavours with optimal pricing and growing health awareness is positively impacting on the growth and development of overall citrus flavours market.

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