Launch of Intelligent Wi-Fi System to Prevent Streaming Latency

Samsung Electronics America, Inc. recently introduced brand new SmartThings Wi-Fi mesh network system benefitting in elimination of Wi-Fi buffering zone, thereby preventing streaming latency. The new product is equipped with an AI (artificial intelligence) mesh Wi-Fi technology by Plume as well as built-in SmartThings Hub. The newly developed intelligent system optimizes entire home network along with value-added and holistic smart home control across each room at home. With increasing number of connected technologies penetrating the consumer electronics market, need for stable and effective network to support the emerging smart devices turns out to be highly fundamental.

The new SmartThings Wi-Fi system offers stability, thereby delivering consistent and faster coverage, which helps in covering the entire house. SmartThings Wi-Fi system is recognized as an intelligent solution, which adapts to several devices in the house along with the mesh capability for eliminating coverage gaps along with built-in SmartThings Hub that easily controls and monitors innumerable compatible smart products. With the integration of artificial intelligence, optimization of home network is possible across multiple devices. End-users can also set the parental controls for managing screen time as well as setting-up special passwords and logins for the guests utilizing Plume HomePass® feature.

Upgraded SmartThings Hub Wirelessly Connects To Wi-Fi Network

Samsung has upgraded the connectivity and performance of SmartThings Hub. This upgradation is mainly targeted towards offering consumers with wide-ranging choice in their smart-home set-up. The compact and new upgradation is inclusive of Bluetooth 4.1, Z-wave and Zigbee connectivity protocols. With this, the SmartThings Hub can wirelessly be connected to the Wi-Fi network, thereby offering end-users the flexibility to place the product anywhere in the house.

High-End AirPods Featuring Water Resistance and Noise-Cancellation: Prominence

Apple Inc. in Cupertino, California is planning to enhance its audio-device strategy with the development of high-end AirPods. The company will be launching an all-new HomePod as well as studio-quality by early 2019. The new product will be integrated with water resistance and noise cancellation features. The development of new high-end AirPods is aimed at finding a solution for functioning away from iPad and iPhone. According to sources form the company, there are increasing probabilities for the new high-end AirPods being integrated with biometric sensors, in order to extent its overall health-related hardware provisions. The emerging audio-device strategy stimulates the transformation period of iTunes and iPod digital music store for Apple Inc.

Apart from this, Apple Inc. is planning to develop wireless charging case, which is highly compatible with the emerging AirPower charger. The company is taking immense efforts in ramping up its AirPods production and preparing itself for latest audio products by extending collaboration with several iPhone manufacturers.

A recent study by Future Market Insights on consumer electronics market indicates, rapidly increasing number of the smart internet users, growing need for wearable fitness devices, connected TVs as well as smart security systems have been stimulating the growth and development of the overall consumer electronics market.

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