Perimeter Solutions, one of the prominent producers offering a wide-range of fire retardants, water enhancing gels, and foams for management of fires of varying intensities across wild land, municipal, and industrial ecosystems, made an announcement yesterday. The announcement was about the completion of its acquisition of Solberg, the Amerex Corporation division of firefighting foam products. Solberg offers foam systems hardware as well as advanced technologies vis-à-vis firefighting foam concentrate under the brand names of ARCTIC®, SOLBERG®, FIRE-BRAKE®, and RE-HEALING™.

Solberg foam products have long famed for their competency to be in the same page with the rising technological demand in terms of meeting stringent criteria of fire performance and standards vis-à-vis environmental safety. Acquisitions across various industries, including chemical, have been instrumental in terms of giving the much-needed fillip to the business performances of both the parties involved in the acquisition.

“Acquisition of Solberg was a crucial step in the strategic framework of fire safety business of Perimeter Solutions. This acquisition notably lays the foundation for affluent expansion of the company’s commitment to its clients, diversified capabilities, and technical know-how in foam products,”- Edward Goldberg, President and CEO, Perimeter Solutions. “We are super excited to have the extremely talented and experienced team of Solberg on-board and looking forward to some amazing results to be achieved together in terms of expanding services to our highly-valued customers.”, added Goldberg.

Perimeter Solutions will be integrating the operational framework of Solberg to its current manufacturing as well as sales ecosystem for ameliorating its position in terms of technology and supply in the fire suppressant foam technologies’ space.

“We are super excited to work together with the Perimeter Solutions family. As we were on the lookout for the right partner to proceed in our journey, it was extremely pivotal to find a firm whose core values were on the same page with ours”- Bill Smith, President, Solberg. “By working together, we will be able to provide our customers with highly innovative range of products with effective results and unparalleled ease of usage”, added Smith.

Perimeter Solutions holds a major spot in the manufacturing framework in Class A foam products meant for municipal as well as wild land firefighting in North America and has gained prominence on the back of its innovative business framework with superior capabilities in terms of technology. This acquisition is believed to upgrade the manufacturing abilities of Perimeter Solutions via an additional state-of-the-art facility in North America and extended footprint in Europe as well as Asia Pacific.

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