With the rising preference for materials such as iridium and platinum for preparing spark plugs which are compatible to newer engine models, the demand for spark plug is anticipated to grow at a rapid rate. The essentiality of spark plugs in the ignition system of combustion chambers in vehicles are expected to keep the requirements for spark plugs strong in the near future.

As per a recent study conducted by Future market Insights on the global spark plug market, the constant manufacturing of cars has resulted in a robust demand for spark plugs across the world. Moreover, car owners are often found to be using the same car for longer periods of time owing to technological advancements in the automobile industry, thereby causing a rise in the demand for replacement parts including spark plugs among others.

Iridium Spark Plugs Outpace Platinum Counterparts Owing to Costs

Currently, iridium spark plugs have been gaining adoption among most major vehicle manufacturers owing to its significant cost benefit in comparison to that of platinum. While iridium more rare to find, the price of the raw material is far more resistant to the volatility of the market, which makes it a preferred choice for spark plug manufacturers. Spark plug manufacturers are one of the primary consumers of iridium, on a global scale, with nearly one fifth of the world’s iridium production going towards spark plug production.

On the other hand, approximately half of all platinum is used to make catalytic converters, while one fifth is used for jewelry, leaving only limited supplies for spark plug production.

Coil on Plug Ignition Systems Boost Service Life of Spark Plugs

Conventional spark plug combinations usually are designed to share just one ignition coil. However, the design generates significant wear and tear of the platinum or iridium material in a relatively short period of time. However, with the introduction of coil-on-plug designs every spark plug in the vehicle is provided with a dedicated ignition coil, which allows the use of iridium or platinum with significant increase in the service life. Moreover, the system allows the driver to switch between spark plug brands, as suppliers sell spark plugs that are not specific to any particular make or model. This is anticipated to positively contribute to the growth of the sector.

Anti-Seize Materials Lose favor in Spark Plug Production

Spark plug producers are increasingly making use of plug shell plating in the place of conventional anti-seize materials. This measure prevents the cylinder head from sticking to the spark plug after long-term usage. On the other hand, anti-seize has been found to push past the spark plug’s threading, and disrupting the performance of the central electrode, thereby resulting in misfires, and damaging the threads, causing maintenance charges to go up considerably.

Material Innovations to Counter Environment Concerns

With growing environmental concerns automotive component manufacturers are focusing on the development and utilization of new materials for better performance, higher fuel efficiency, and considerably lower rates of emissions in an effort to control the impact of automobiles on global warming.

For example, Pilot Automotive’s patented Nitrode range of spark plugs has been aimed towards the development of innovative eco-friendly operations. The product offers users a unique yttrium coated bridge that improves efficiency of spark relay to the ground electrode. This increased extension of the spark produces considerably more energy, which results in noticeable ease in ignition.

In addition, Bosch has brought out an innovative Cup Connection technology, to meet the needs of newer engines that comprise fewer cylinders for increasing air pressure and efficiency. The new technology enables the generation of a higher ignition voltage and improved flashover resistance for the insulating material. The design makes use of a longer insulator, and makes use of a stud with a cup, which compensates for the extension.

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