Universal Electronics, a global leader in sensing and control technologies for smart homes, has in a collaborative project with Microsoft announced to launch a new digital assistant built on Microsoft’s Azure cloud services platform using IoT and AI Services.

Artificial Intelligence has opened new doors to further improvise smart living experience. A great application of these services in security and safety related services has inspired technology companies to create virtual digital assistants on smartphones and home TVs to bring joy with meaningful interaction with technological gadgets. Smart Home digital assistants will play a huge role in developing ease of access to customers enriching comfort and safety to new highs.

Microsoft and UE’s Smart home assistant Nevo® Butler, which is a white label product developed and integrated on Azure cloud platform of Microsoft. The digital assistant has leveraged Azure’s cognitive services nova.ai, bot services, AI and IoT services uniting home automation and entertainment services. The smart home service will provide a wide range of services addressing energy management, entertainment control, home security and safety in hospitality as well as residential domain.

The design of the smart home device includes UE878 multiprotocol chipset which will ensure a wider of deliverable services across Zigbee, IP, Zigbee rf4ce, Infrared and Bluetooth smart. The device is also capable of supporting other voice assistants on the platform when customers are diversifying their choices across different devices.

A range of entertainment and add on services are planned to be added, in future, consumer electronics and service providers will be able to make end-to-end voice enabled services on its platform. The platform is aligned and integrated with QuickSet Cloud based on Azure Cloud service platform and the company plans to democratize access to essential technology by providing conversational and voice enabled to provide a naturally controlled and frictionless environment.

By partnering with Azure and QuickSet the platform will enable customers to create custom solutions to the virtual assistant. The product is heading for a demonstration at Sans Expo in CES 2019.  The versatility of services has made the product lucrative by its innovative services on the smart home and also voice enabled services on existing smartphone devices. The product offers interoperability when users are increasingly leaning towards buying beyond a single brand.

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